Sustainability at CREATON – part of corporate culture


We create value. Our solutions are lasting. They give protection to people and buildings – for decades, sometimes even centuries. Our willingness to accept responsibility for our actions results from this awareness: responsibility for our employees, customers, suppliers and investors, our environment and society. In short, responsibility for everything with which CREATON has a direct or indirect relationship.


People lay hands on top of each other

Social sustainability: in the sense of our employees and society.

We accept responsibility for our employees. Their health and safety are our highest priority. We therefore invest regularly in industrial safety measures and preventive healthcare. But we also see our responsibility outside the company. We are also involved in promotion of the common good through donations and sponsorships. Sustainable cooperation with organizations, institutions and associations is especially important to us.


Trees with green leaves

Ecological sustainability for the protection of our environment and valuable resources

We take responsibility for our environment. No matter whether production, marketing or the dispatch of our products – we do everything possible to keep the environmental impacts of our business processes as low as possible. In the spirit of ecological sustainability, we constantly work on further optimising our procedures, using energy even more efficiently and keeping the consumption of natural resources to a minimum.



Economic sustainability for responsible corporate development

For us, acting in an economically sustainable manner means leading our company successfully into the future. We develop long-term strategies, minimise risks, promote innovation and tackle problems decisively. Because we are aware that our entrepreneurial actions have a direct influence on others: on our parent company, on the companies in our group, on suppliers, customers and other economic partners - and not least on the entire industry.