ELEGANZ - The retro-style pantile with discrete charm.

Size: approx.
Weight: approx. approx.
Small pack: Pallet:
min. approx. on av. approx. max. approx.
Covering width:
Covering length:
max. approx. on av. approx. min. approx.
LAF-/FLA-values in mm
Ridge tile: DN

LAF = distance between laths and ridge intersection, FLA = distance between ridge laths
Measurements apply to 30/50-laths.
For 40/60-laths you'll find the measurements in the CREATON Roofplanner

Extensive fluidic tests have confirmed the superior protection against the intrusion of rain of our model „ELEGANZ“. The sophisticated interlockings allow for the protection against the intrusion of rain in case of roof pitches of
24° by means of a trussing sheet (CREATON „UNO“),
of 22° using a heat-sealed or bonded sub-coverage sheet (CREATON „DUO“),
of 18° with a rainproof sub-roof (CREATON „TRIO“)
necessary according to our conditions of warranty. We would be pleased to advise you with reagrd to the execution of the sub-roof area. In case of lath distances in the minimum/maximum limit range, it is absolutely necessary to indicate the lath distances in your order!
Minor colour and size deviations are possible due to the natural variations of the raw clay.

Engineering detail drawing