The history of TROST


Reinhold Bräuchle is founding the TROST tile works for bricks in Aachen.


The company enters the production of roofing tiles after the takeover of the tile works Bott-Eder in Rauenberg..


The investment of 50 million € in Malsch / Baden-Württemberg represents the foundation that was laid for an innovative method of production, which is unique throughout Europe and which allows for an environmentally sound and energy-saving baking. The special shape forming allows for the production of tiles with smooth edges without flashes and thus renders them particularly user-friendly. The TROST-Softkante (Soft Edge) was born.


Further investments at the location of Malsch: Plant II is built.


The company is taken over at the beginning of the year by CREATON AG and thus the securing of the location, as well.