MAXIMA natural red

This quality tile comes in a format that proved its worth for decades and is thus suitable for almost any application – particularly if you wish to easily replace an existing coverage with high-quality burnt-clay products. This natural product lastingly increases the value of your roof, considerably enhances an atmosphere of well-being and to top it all, adds a further advantage with its optimized interlocking.

In addition, MAXIMA offers a wide colour range with fine baked, engobe-slipped and glazed surfaces. Three head ribs offer an improved protection against the intrusion of rain and thus, a clever alternative for a value-increasing roof coverage that uses one of the oldest and best building materials, natural clay.

Product features

  • Ideal redevelopment tile to replace an existing coverage (in 10-format)
  • Large sliding clearance of 41 mm
  • All-rounder owing to ideal coverage measurements
  • Pleasant laying as a result of particularly smooth transitions without flashes
  • Simple and quick retiling
  • Cost-saving as tiles are laid on the existing roof battening
  • Increaes the value of your roof
  • Natural, lifelong "atmosphere of well-being"