MIKADO NUANCE black matt engobed

The new MIKADO smooth tile impresses due to simple elegance and a special appearance. With a covering capacity of approx. 12.8 - -11.7 pcs/m2, this contemporary clay roof tile is impressive, especially in terms of cost-effectiveness. MIKADO opens up an attractive entry into the design environment of new, sophisticated roofs for advanced owners and roofing contractors. In addition to sophisticated interlock technology for maximum reliability against rain intrusion and wind loads, MIKADO also offers a large adjustment range for first-class flexibility.

Product features

  • The adjustment capability of approx. 28 mm integrated into the upper and lower interlock areas offers great flexibility in all new construction and renovation projects, simplifying the roofing.
  • Two stable suspension lugs ensure secure support and reliable rear ventilation of the roof battens.
  • Lengthwise, wedge-shaped support ribs improve the structure and direct any condensate to the tile below.