MZ3 NEU NUANCE antique grey engobed

What makes this small format interlocking pantile such a big success is its timeless, soft-edged shape, as well as the result in a agreeably calm roof structure.

With its wave-like, harmonious surface and its suitability for roof pitches of more than 10° roof inclination, the tile can be used for steep and flat roofs. It has particularly proven its reliability for decades in areas with extensive snowfalls due to its double bottom interlocking.

At the same time, the high double circular interlocking offers protection against the intrusion of moisture. Last but not least, these extraordinary characteristics clearly show that the small format interlocking pantiles are all the rage - as a traditional classic that truely proved its worth.

Product features

  • Interlock: Small format, flat roof tiles with prominent side ribs that prevent water penetration, even with high wind pressure.
  • Adjustment range: To optimally match the batten spacing.
  • Overlap: Optimal flow behaviour and reliable water control due to technically optimal overlap.
  • Finish: Outstanding raw materials ensure a smooth tile surface.
  • Colours: Only the highest quality raw materials are used for MZ3 NEU. In addition to the famous natural red, MZ3 NEU will be available in FIN wine red and FIN black as well as NUA antique grey/ dark brown, NUA copper red and NUA matte black engobed.