PREMION natural red

This premium branded product will surely satisfy your wishes. For PREMION allows for no compromises with regard to quality, design and cost-effectiveness. PREMION – combines classic beautiful roof design with prime quality. The advantage of these products manufactured in KERALIS quality starts already with the processing of the raw materials according to standard demands of fine ceramics. In this context, very fine and pure quality clays are ground most thoroughly, until the clay powder is as dry and fine as dust. A homogeneous mixture in almost fine-ceramic quality is created by means of exactly controlled moistening. The innovative baking procedure exceeding 1,100°C allows for a completely solid-coloured KERALIS tile body.

Product features

  • Highest durability owing to sintering procedure
  • Natural solid-colouring as a result of KERALIS process technology even for dark colours
  • Suitable for roof pitches up to 7°
  • Meets optimum technical requirements