RUSTICO NUANCE Tuscany engobed

Rustic shapes have their own particular attraction. The interlocking tile Z1 has been known and used worldwide for more than one hundred years now. The rustic charm of this „legend is still popular. This is the reaseon behind the almost unprecedented renaissance of this shape of tile. The typical character of this interlocking tile is achieved by means of the two symmetrically created depressions with the smooth radii. This double depression guarantees a particulalry good water path. The generous head clearance allows for a simple and quick laying and offers sufficient flexibility – even without cutting – to achieve an aestetically appealing roof coverage even in case of redevelopments. Its well-balanced interlocking creates pleasant proportions. The fine structuring allows for an extremely pleasant surface effect, even if used for covering of smaller roofs.

Product features

  • Traditional shaping
  • Ideal for redevelopments due to flexible coverage dimensions up to 21 mm