The varied advantages speak of a very extraordinary success here: The maintaining of the popular appearance of the „S-shaped tiling“, yet quickly advancing to new heights with regard to visual appearance, technology and quality. Particularly during a time, in which cost-effectiveness gains increasingly more importance. A large-format tile providing the roofs with their own profile. SINFONIE – amazing with approx. 10.9 tiles/m² and thus a tile requirement reduced by approx. 30 % compared to other small-format models – constitutes a peak in the development of the concave interlocking pantile with regard to cost-effectiveness. SINFONIE offers a distinct head and lateral interlocking and a sliding clearance of approx. 29 mm. This allows for high flexibility and accelerates the roof coverage. A concave interlocking tile is available for new and old buildings now, which is enormous in the true sense of the word – with regard to visual appearance and cost-effectiveness.

Product features

  • For roof pitches up to 7°
  • Large sliding clearance of 29 mm
  • High storm resisting strength through distinct interlocking technology