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TITANIA Flat tile

The TITANIA large format tile lives up to its name: It is large in terms of both dimensions (324 x 515 mm) and product features and integrates perfectly into the complete existing CREATON product range. With its "Format 10", TITANIA has an outstanding, economical covering capacity of 9.0 to 10.1 pcs per square metre. An adjustment range of approx. 44 mm gives it a very large overlap ratio. This makes it very flexible and facilitates handling.The technical quality and functionality of its design are as impressive as the format. It has excellent interlocking features. That guarantees outstanding protection against rain penetration and uplift, so it can be used on roof pitches up to 10°, with additional measures.

Product features

  • Outstanding, economical covering capacity
  • Large 44 mm adjustment range
  • Fulfils technical requirements in every respect
  • Roof pitches as low as 10°
  • Extensive accessory range