The perfect combination with the photovoltaic system

Every fifth new residential roof is immediately equipped with PV systems - and the trend is rising enormously. However, conventional on-roof systems turn out to be very susceptible to water and storm damage due to their design. CREATON offers the ideal solution: The roof-integrated photovoltaic system.

In Germany, 95 percent of these systems are installed above the roofing - however, not by experienced roof craftsmen, but by solar technicians whose specialty is electrical components. Thanks to the newly developed photovoltaic system by CREATON, the installation is carried out during the roofing process - by roofers and carpenters.

Arguments for PV systems:

  • rising electricity prices 
  • technical progress 
  • sustainable energy production 
  • decreasing acquisition costs

Your advantages at a glance:

  • more safety 
  • less costs 
  • a shapely roof 
  • easy monitoring


The CREATOn photovoltaic systeM offers countless advantages

Photovoltaic systems by CREATON do not only change the aesthetics of every roof. They offer customers a future-proof and inexpensive option for sustainable energy generation.

PV installiert


  • completely integrated into the roof 
  • forms a unit with the roof surface 
  • fantastic appearance thanks to full black PV modules



  • Conveniently expandable due to modular concept 
  • easy interchangeability of components 
  • compatible with all standard 60 cell PV modules 
  • remotely updatable system software in case of changing grid requirements
  • 25 years performance guarantee¹

¹ According to the warranty conditions of Enphase Energy Inc. and CS Wismar GmbH applicable at the time of purchase. The warranty is issued solely by Enphase Energy Inc. and CS Wismar GmbH; Creaton GmbH is not a guarantor. Statutory and contractual warranty rights remain unaffected by these warranties.

PV microinverter

Operationally safe

  • reduced electrical risk due to low voltage (max. 220V) 
  • high system availability due to latest micro-inverter technology 
  • rainproof due to full HDPE and aluminum substructure 
  • storm-protected due to low wind attack area 
  • lowest static load
PV App Steuerung



  • highest quality of components thanks to leading manufacturer 
  • no system design, as all components are matched to each other 
  • low training requirements and simple installation 
  • safe monitoring of system functions in real time 
  • easy access to components for repair or replacement 
  • all components for roof installation from one source
PV Modul

good value

  • low material costs thanks to standard components 
  • low assembly costs thanks to fast installation 
  • very low susceptibility to contamination or failure of individual modules 
  • optimum module cooling thanks to rear ventilation 
  • fast identification and elimination of technical problems thanks to 
  • remote monitoring and energy management system
universeller Einsatz PV



  • universally applicable 
  • suitable for almost all clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles 
  • suitable for all pitched roofs

This is how builders and operators save with photovoltaic systems:

  • Installation by roof craftsmen instead of solar installers 
  • Standard components instead of custom-made products 
  • Safe micro-inverters instead of string inverters 
  • Convenient retrofitting options instead of complex conversions 
  • A fixed contact person for warranty issues

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