DUO extra roofing membrane


Product description 

  • 3-layer, vapour-permeable sheathing membrane with microporous film and woven grid 
  • Can be used in ventilated and unventilated roof assemblies as a trussing, sub-roof or sheathing membrane 
  • Can be used as a sub-roof glued to sheathing or a dimensionally stable underlay 
  • Two vertically aligned, integrated self-adhesive strips ensure economical and lasting adhesion of longitudinal seams 


Dachbahn DUO extra

Technical data 

Thermal stability:-40°C to +80°C
UV resistance:12 weeks
Outdoor exposure period:3 weeks
Elongation (following artificial ageing), EN 12311-1:Longitudinal: 55% Transverse: 65%
Tear resistance (nail shank), EN 12310-1:Longitudinal: 180 N Transverse: 210 N
Resistance to air penetration:< 0.005 m³/m² h 50 Pa
Fire behaviour EN 13501-1 EN 11925-2:Class E
Resistance to water penetration (following artificial ageing) EN 1928:W1
Central Organization of the German Roofing Trade (ZVDH) classification for sub-roof membranes:UDB-A
Central Organization of the German Roofing Trade (ZVDH) classification for underlays:USB-A
Length:50 m
Width:1,5 m
m² per roll:75 m²
Rolls per pallet:24 rolls
Weight:150 g/m²
Water column, EN 20811:> 3000 mm
sd value EN 12572:0,02 m
Tensile strength, EN 12311-1:Longitudinal: 310 N/50mm Transverse: 240 N/50 mm
Tensile strength (following artificial ageing), EN 12311-1:Longitudinal: 280 N/50mm Transverse: 215 N/50 mm  
Elongation EN 12311-1:Longitudinal: 70% Transverse: 80%



CREATON roof membrane applications 

Trussing sheet:yes
Rain-proof sub-roof:no
Watertight sub-roof:no
Facade membrane:no



To ensure the lasting function of CREATON DUO extra, we recommend only using the matching CREATON accessory:  

  • CREATON NKS seam adhesive strips 
  • CREATON SKL special adhesive 
  • CREATON NDS nail sealing strips 
  • CREATON NDM nail sealant 
  • CREATON UAB sub-roof connection tape 
  • CREATON NDB nail sealing tape 
  • CREATON sub-roof connection adapter