QUATTRO longlife extra roofing membrane


Product description 

  • Multi-layered, vapour-permeable, extruded sheathing and sub-roof membrane consisting of two monolithic TPU copolymer coatings and a PES non-woven fabric 
  • Can be used in ventilated and unventilated roof structures as a trussing, sub-roof or sheathing membrane 
  • Can be used as a water-tight sub-roof (in accordance with CREATON manufacturer's specifications) on a pressure-resistant underlay (e.g. sheathing) 
  • Additional adhesive strips on the rear for initial setting make easy installation/welding possible 
  • New TPU coating possible for more effective welding, especially with solvent welding agents 
  • Resistant to chemical impregnation, chain saw oil, wood rot and mould 
  • To be specially emphasised: scratch resistance and good elongation of the coating film 

Installation instructions 

  • CREATON QUATTRO longlife extra is homogeneously welded using a hot air gun or CREATON QSM solvent welding agent over a width of 4 cm in the overlapping area of the longitudinal and transverse seams. 
  • During processing, care must be taken to ensure that the welding joints are dry, dust and ice free and free of separating layers. 
  • During solvent welding, the CREATON QSM solvent welding agent is applied to the overlap area of the upper and lower membranes over a width of at least 4 cm using the bottle with brush applicator. 
  • Allow the QSM to flash off for approx. 15 seconds and then press the overlapping membranes together with a higher pressure using a pressure roller. 
  • Welding with the hot air gun is carried out at a temperature of 180°C to 240°C. The hot air stream is directed with a fast, smooth movement into the overlap zone of the QUATTRO, which is then pressed together using a pressure roller. 
  • Care must be taken during welding to ensure that no tension or folds form in the membrane in the overlap area. We always recommend examination of every weld seam. 
  • QUATTRO can be welded on both sides. Thus, even smaller material pieces or offcuts can be used to construct details, e.g. at chimney corners or rooflights. 
  • Mechanical damage must be properly welded with patches. 
  • The adhesive strips on the reverse side only serve to make installation easier and have no waterproofing function. 
  • Depending on the roof construction, the specific Sd value of individual components must be taken into account. 
Dachbahn QUATTRO longlife extra

Special information about the field of application and installation: 


  • The CREATON QUATTRO longlife extra sub-roof membrane is installed as a watertight sub-roof. In this type of installation, it should be noted that the water-carrying plane is the sub-roof membrane and not the clay roof tile. The tile is only for visual appearance and UV protection. 
  • This means that the execution and processing of the membrane must be very accurate and professional, because extremely large amounts of water can reach the sub-roof membrane. 


Further information 

  • Unlike the other membranes, QUATTRO longlife extra is a special membrane for construction of watertight sub-roofs. 
  • The membrane is installed on sheathing or other pressure-resistant underlay. Soft insulation materials such as mineral wool are not suitable. 
  • A highly important aspect of a watertight sub-roof is ensuring that all connections and overlaps in the surface are watertight. 
  • For the QUATTRO longlife extra membrane, this means that both the transverse seams and connections to components rising from the roof such as dormers or chimneys, must be made watertight. 
  • In the overlap area, all longitudinal and transverse joints are homogeneously welded together over a width of 4 cm using a hot air gun or CREATON QSM solvent welding agent. 
  • The counter battens must always be installed on top of CREATON NDS nail sealing strips that adhere to the membrane and not to the counter batten! Adhesion of the nail sealing strip to the counter batten does not prevent penetrating rainwater being diverted to the side of the counter batten (CREATON NDM nail sealing compound is not suitable for this purpose). 
  • Can be welded on both sides. Thus, even smaller material pieces or offcuts can be used to construct details at chimney corners or roof windows. 
  • The membranes must be placed over and glued to a drip edge or gutter flashing at the eaves or gutter (CREATON SKL special adhesive). The membranes must be installed at least 10 cm from the end of the counter battens in order to maintain the required UV resistance. The eaves flashing must be a suitable length. 
  • There must not be any ventilation openings 

Technical data 

Thermal stability:-40°C to +120 °C
UV resistance:16 weeks
Outdoor exposure period:12 weeks
Elongation (following artificial ageing), EN 12311-1:Longitudinal: 50% Transverse: 65%
Tear resistance (nail shank), EN 12310-1:Longitudinal: 310 N Transverse: 280 N
Resistance to air penetration:-
Fire behaviour EN 13501-1 EN 11925-2:Class E
Resistance to water penetration (following artificial ageing) EN 1928:W1
Central Organization of the German Roofing Trade (ZVDH) classification for sub-roof membranes:UDB-A
Central Organization of the German Roofing Trade (ZVDH) classification for underlays:USB-A
Length:25 m
Width:1.5 m
m² per roll:37.5 m²
Rolls per pallet:20 rolls
Weight:360 g/m²
Water column, EN 20811:> 3000 mm
sd value EN 12572:0.2 m
Tensile strength, EN 12311-1Longitudinal: 420N/50mm Transverse: 490N/50mm
Tensile strength (following artificial ageing), EN 12311-1Longitudinal: 400N/50mm Transverse: 470N/50mm 
Elongation EN 12311-1Longitudinal: 50% Transverse: 65%


CREATON roof membrane applications 

Trussing sheet:Yes 
Rain-proof sub-roof:Yes
Watertight sub-roof:Yes
Facade membrane:No



To ensure the lasting function of CREATON QUATTRO longlife extra, we recommend only using the matching CREATON accessory:  

  • CREATON SKL special adhesive (only for flashing) 
  • CREATON NDS nail sealing strips 
  • CREATON QSM solvent welding agent 
  • CREATON bottle with brush applicator 
  • CREATON hot air gun 
  • CREATON QUATTRO external corner 
  • KKS counter batten cap strips 
  • CREATON sub-roof connection adapter