MANUFAKTUR - Bobrovec za stolpe.

  • Rvtl. krtačena površina omogoča naravno patino
  • Celoten program dodatne opreme

Stolpni bobrovec je primeren za stolpe, pomole, nadstreške in zidane ograje.

MANUFAKTUR Bobrovec za stolpe Strešnik naravno rdeča
MANUFAKTUR Bobrovec za stolpe Strešnik „NUANCE“ bakreno rdeča engobirana
naravno rdeča
Size: approx. 140 x 280 x 14 mm
Weight: approx. 1,3 approx. 88,4 kg/m²
Small pack: 8 kos Pallet: 640 kos
min. approx. on av. approx. max. approx.
Covering width: 140 mm
Covering length: 95 mm 105 mm 115 mm
max. approx. on av. approx. min. approx.
Brickware: 68 kos/m²
LAF-/FLA-values in mm with FALZ
Ridge tile: DN

LAF = distance between laths and ridge intersection, FLA = distance between ridge laths
Measurements apply to 30/50-laths.
For 40/60-laths you'll find the measurements in the CREATON Roofplanner

Ridge and hip tile product range