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CREATON - a one-stop service


CREATON is the expert for pitched roof solutions using clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles. We stand for unlimited diversity of shapes, colours and materials and expertise in this field in which we have been operating since 1884. 

What does this mean for our customers? You have a partner at your side for whom the roof is more than just part of the building envelope, who works with you to find the right solution, who opens up numerous design and roofing possibilities for you and views the roof as an overall system, and who can provide outstanding service owing to our vast experience, technical know-how and enormous network of sales consultants and application technicians. 

How do we manage this? With a motivated team behind us. The approx. 800 employees give their all for individual roof solutions. CREATON has eight subsidiaries and 14 plants in Germany. We also have production facilities outside Germany: CREATON Polska in Widziszewo and Chojnice and CREATON SEE in Lenti, Hungary.