Roof ventilation – for a healthy indoor climate


During the changes of seasons, the roof must prove itself anew every day. The roof is exposed to frost, UV radiation, precipitation and wind which demands a ventilation concept that responds reliably to these external conditions. Ventilation of the roof is of fundamental importance and serves in the prevention of moss growth and wood rot it also protects the roof from overheating. A controlled flow of air between the roof components carries moisture away from the roof. This moisture occurs due to weather influences on one hand and activities in the house such as showering, washing or cooking by its occupants. Thanks to original accessories, every CREATON roof is ventilated at its sensitive points. Most importantly, the ridge is situated in a particularly exposed position.



The ridge connection ventilating tile – for optimum tile roof ventilation

The perfect clay roof tile ventilation system is called FIRSTFIX. It includes ridge tiles, ridge connection ventilating tiles, ridge end plates and the special CREATON FIRSTFIX fastening system. Ridge connection ventilating tiles allow controlled air circulation that removes moisture from the roof component of the building. This ensures that the clay roof tiles retain their physical properties for many years and the roof requires little maintenance thanks to proper ventilation. The ridge connection ventilating tile developed by CREATON is therefore the optimum solution for a technically correct ridge closure of the roof. It reliably and permanently withstands any weather, whether snow, rain, heat, cold, UV rays, dust or dirt and requires little maintenance. In complete contrast to mortared ridge designs or plastic solutions, the CREATON ridge connection ventilating tile is reliable for the entire life of the roof. Thanks to the full ceramic solution with clay roof tiles, the original accessories impress with dimensional stability and colour-fastness, increasing the value of the roof.

Product examples

HARMONIE Firstanschluss-Lüfterziegel naturrot

HARMONIE Ridge connection ventilating tile natural red

HARMONIE Firstanschluss-Lüfterortgang naturrot

HARMONIE Ridge connection ventilating verge natural red

Negative examples

  • No colour-fastness 
  • Requires increased maintenance work 
  • No unlimited protection against rain intrusion 
  • No aesthetically appealing solution

Ridge for clay roof tile roof with synthetic material


Ridge of the clay tile roof with cement

Clay ventilating tiles and concrete ventilating tiles support roof ventilation

In addition, the ventilation of clay tile and concrete tile roofs can be promoted by special clay ventilation tiles and concrete ventilation tiles that are simply incorporated into the roof covering. Thanks to their special shape they allow fresh air to flow from below and moves upwards thus removing moisture at the ridge.

Product examples

HARMONIE Lüfterziegel naturrot

HARMONIE ventilating tile natural red

HEIDELBERG Lüfterstein klassikrot

HEIDELBERG concrete ventilating tile classicred

CREAROLL Alu First-/Gratrolle 150 cm² Lüftungsquerschnitt

CREAROLL ALU Ridge / hip 150 cm² ventilation cross-section

CREAROLL PP First-/Gratrolle Kunstoff 150 cm² Lüftungsquerschnitt

CREAROLL PP Ridge / hip 150 cm² ventilation cross-section

Benefits of CREATON System accessories

CREATON original accessories for roof ventilation are essentially the right choice. After all, sophisticated, functional roof ventilation has many benefits. Ventilation ensures:

  • Removal of moisture from the roof interior 
  • This has a climate regulating effect in summer and winter which promotes a healthy interior climate 
  • Prevention of condensate formation under the clay roof tiles – optimal moisture regulation of the roof covering 
  • Greater roofing durability 
  • Turns the roof into a unit, technically and aesthetically 
  • Ensures tightness and weather protection 
  • Fulfils all safety requirements