Good climate for full function – CREATON ventilation systems

Rising EnEV insulation requirements make special living space ventilation concepts increasingly important. Ventilation concepts are becoming a fundamental component of new construction projects in particular, but also in renovation projects. Their role is to allow air and moisture to escape from the building interior; sanitary facilities or kitchens, for example. For a ventilation concept also to work, innovative roof penetrations, such as those provided with CREATON ventilation systems, are required. DIN 1986-100 has regulated the new requirements for sanitary ventilation, among others, since September 2016. This stipulates, for example, that sanitary ventilation must have an upper closure or cover. However, all outlet vents that direct exhaust air from a fan to the exterior must be fitted with covers. There are also systems for kitchen ventilation in the CREATON product range.


Ton-Dunstrohr-System SIGNUM

SIGNUM – the premium quality outlet vent

CREATON has therefore developed the SIGNUM clay outlet vent system for clay roof tile assemblies. It is very easily installed with or without a cover using a universal adapter that depends on the type of outlet vent and guarantees absolute rain resistance with perfect ventilation. Whether or not a cover is required depends on whether a fan is mounted under the roof or if passive ventilation is used. In contrast to inexpensive plastic outlet vent systems, the full-ceramic SIGNUM original accessories impress with their durability, colour-fastness and refined appearance. They will not impair the overall appearance of the roof, even after many years.


Benefits of a full-ceramic SIGNUM roof penetration

  • available to match every CREATON roof in shape and colour 
  • easy installation without additional components 
  • absolutely homogeneous, intact roof area  
  • available in various models and diameters 
  • fits harmoniously into the appearance of the roof

Product examples

SIGNUMSIGNUM DN 100 mm mit abschraubbarer Haube

SIGNUM DN 100 mm with screw-on hood

The hood is equipped with a plastic thread, making it suitable for both sanitary ventilation and ventilation systems. Depending on requirements, the hood can be screwed on or off.

SIGNUM DN 125 mm mit abnehmbarem Deckel

SIGNUM DN 125 mm with removable cover

The oval hood of the SIGNUM DN 125 has an opening with matching closure plate. In this way, the outlet vent element can be opened or closed, depending on the application (sanitary ventilation or fan ventilation).

SIGNUM DN 150/160 mm

SIGNUM DN 150/160

The SIGNUM DN 160 is closed at the top and suitable for connection to ventilation systems with an appropriately sized ventilation pipe.

SIGNUM DN 200 mm


The SIGNUM DN 200 is closed at the top and suitable for connection to ventilation systems with an appropriately sized ventilation pipe. Since different penetrations up to a diameter of 200 mm could be used, a flexible universal adapter is necessary.

Universal Flexschlauch DN 150/160 mm

Universal flexible duct DN 150/160


Sub-roof adapter


Perfectly connected

With their practical sub-roof adapter, including flexible hose connection, SIGNUM outlet vent elements are the convenient solution for watertight roof penetrations. The adapter is simply screwed into the penetration and fixed with the sealing ring – without any gluing. The rubber sleeve is connected to the upper sealing ring, thus guaranteeing a reliable watertight connection. Furthermore, the connection system is suitable for all sub-roof membranes and a diameter of up to approx. 200 mm. Also included in the package: a template for even more convenience and certainty during installation.


Dunstrohr Dachstein

Base plates with outlet vent attachments for concrete tile roofing

There are also CREATON matching accessories for concrete roof tile assemblies. The outlet vent elements consist of PVC base plates that incorporate pipe outlets in various diameters. Thus, all types of fumes escape upwards and the roof remains reliably tight. 

  • Outlet vent attachment long DN 100 
  • Outlet vent attachment flat DN 100 
  • Outlet vent attachment long DN 125


Product examples

Grundplatte HEIDELBERG klassikrot

HEIDELBERG baseplate classic red

Dachstein Entlüfterstutzen flach klassikrot

Outlet vent attachment flat DN 100 classic red

Dachstein Entlüfterstutzen lang DN 100 Kunststoff klassikrot

Outlet vent attachment long DN 100 classic red

Dachstein Entlüfterstutzen lang DN 125 Kunststoff klassikrot

Outlet vent attachment long DN 125 classic red

Universal Flexschlauch DN 150/160

Universal flexible duct DN 150/160

Unterdach-Anschlussmanchette DN 100/125

Sub-roof connection sleeve DN 100/125


PREMIUM NUANCE schieferton engobiert

PREMIUM NUANCE slate shade engobed

PREMION NUANCE schieferton engobiert

PREMION NUANCE slate shade engobed

KAPSTADT duratop pro zinkgrau

KAPSTADT duratop pro pale grey

Negative examples

  • Requires increased maintenance work 
  • No unlimited protection against rain intrusion 
  • No aesthetically appealing solution

Metal outlet vent