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According to a current estimate, the roofs of more than 4 million single-family houses are in need of renovation. Some of these roofs have simply grown old and are no longer watertight due to material fatigue or damage. Houses and buildings also change ownership in the course of their lives. More extensive conversion and extension measures are often necessary, especially when buildings are handed down from one generation to the next. Modernization or renovation of the roof is a significant part of upgrading residential buildings in technical, energy and visual terms and long-term protection of the building fabric.  

Have you inherited or bought an old building or do you wish to bring your existing property up-to-date in line with modern day technical standards? Does the roof of your building require renovation? – You can find out the things that you need to pay attention to in a roof renovation here.


What are the reasons for repair or partial renovation of the roof and when should a comprehensive roof renovation be considered? 

Roofs require renovation for very different reasons. Technical and visual aspects can play a role in this:  

  • Energy/thermal renovation – for saving energy costs
  • Repair of age-related damage, such as leaks
  • Conversion and development of the attic to extend existing living space
  • Visual renovation – for example, when remodelling the entire house
  • Damage due to extreme weather events – such as excessive snow loads, hail or storm
  • Removal of physical defects that occur because of consequential damage due to insufficient planning or incorrect execution - e.g. mould
  • Installation of a solar or photovoltaic system

How do you approach a roof renovation?

Desk with coffee

Planning phase

  • Is partial or complete renovation required?  
  • Do I need a building permit for the renovation work?  
  • Does the project require the involvement of an expert or designer?  
  • Which material should be used in the future?  
  • What is the best time for a renovation?  
  • What does renovation of your roof cost?  
  • Are subsidies available for the roof renovation?


Man calculates with calculator

Bidding phase

  • What work needs to be done and which trades are to be involved?  
  • Which tradesmen are the right ones for your project?  
  • What must be taken into account when reviewing the bid and selecting suitable specialists?  
  • Which is the best material? What must be taken into account in product selection?


Roofer covers tile on the roof

Implementation phase

  • Do you need a project manager or can you supervise the work yourself?  
  • What rights and obligations do you have as building owner?  
  • How can the renovation process be managed smoothly?


Hipped roof with TITANIA NUANCE black matt engobed

Phase following completion

  • What do you need to pay attention to during the building inspection?  
  • What maintenance work is likely in the future?  
  • What guarantee do you have on materials and workmanship?


The ideal material for roof renovation

When selecting the material for a roof renovation, you must of course ensure that the new roofing material fits the character of the house. But also more importantly, technical issues must be taken into consideration:


roof truss

Roof renewal, including roof structure:

You have almost complete flexibility and endless choice, since the roof structure can be adapted to the preferred roof material.


Roofer covers the roof

Renovation of the entire roof covering with retention of the existing roof structure:

What matters here is extra flexibility in the adjustment range of the tile so the new roof tile fits the existing battens. MAXIMA for replacement of concrete roof tiles and HARMONIE or PREMION with a generous 25-mm adjustment range are ideal models. With historic buildings, plain tiles allow numerous installation techniques and ensure the charm of the building is retained.

Semi-detached house renovated

Partial roof renovation:

In a partial renovation or joining on to an existing roof surface, such as the neighbour’s roof, the first question is whether the required roof tile model is still available and/or what alternatives are available to you. 

You can obtain information from the building materials dealer or CREATON Application Technology:


Raw clay

What makes clay an outstanding building material? What benefits does renovation with clay roof tiles offer?

  • Clay has a service life of more than 50 years and is therefore an investment in the future.  
  • Excellent structural and natural properties create a particularly pleasant indoor climate in your living spaces and protect your house – vapour-permeable, fire resistant, UV resistant and very high resistance to frost and moisture  
  • CREATON clay roof tiles in combination with original accessories create a consistent roof appearance and high visual appeal.


Historical building with plain tile KLASSIK natural red

Historic conservation – the special challenge of historic buildings

Renovation of listed buildings is an especially large challenge and often presents the building owner with difficult technical, legal and financial issues. CREATON is an expert partner in matters of historic conservation:  

  • professional advice and experienced experts,  
  • historically accurate tile models and an extensive selection of plain tiles, 
  • large selection of colours and high-quality glazes,  
  • individual custom production – the perfect roof service


Roof in need of renovation

Renovation of roofs containing asbestos – clarification and support with the sensitive issue of asbestos

Many home owners have so far hesitated to deal with renovation of an asbestos-contaminated roof. Many negative reports in the media have led to great uncertainty. Above all, disposal of problematic building material plays a decisive role in this. Many home owners associate this with incalculable costs and prefer not to take what they perceive to be a high risk.

You can obtain professional advice from our trained application technicians


Roof with DOMINO natural red

After renovation: DOMINO natural red

Roof in need of renovation

Roof in need of renovation

DOMINO natural red

DOMINO natural red



Which roof fits for your house? Which tile is right for your home? Do you need more information about roof? CREATON is happy to advise you. Give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Sample order

Sample order

Which tile is right for your roof? In addition to product information, a sample for comparison can be a useful decision-making tool. You can request free samples for your building project from CREATON. It’s as easy as that.

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Are you undertaking a specialised building project and are unable to find the right tile in the CREATON product range? No problem. We also create custom roofs. Talk to us – together, will find an appropriate solution.

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