Which roof is right for you?


CREATON is the supplier of high-quality pitched roof solutions. With an unparalleled diversity of shapes and colours, we introduce infinite roof design freedom for our customers. As the leading brand, we offer: material diversity from a single source with the largest range of clay tiles and concrete roof tiles.  CREATON products are resistant to moisture, frost, fire and UV. CREATON relies on environmentally-friendly production methods. CREATON products are a worthwhile investment due to their durability.


Find the right roofing material:

Roofs are as diverse as their materials and the individual taste of the building owners. Which roofing material is right for you – clay or concrete? Find out.


Clay roof tiles with raw clay

Clay roof tiles

  • Natural raw material: Clay, water, mineral colour pigments if necessary and glazing frit for the surface finish 
  • High quality particularly elegant roofing with easy installation 
  • Available in a vast range of colours, also special colours 
  • Selected models can also be used on low roof pitches under 10° 
  • Extensive range of original accessories available in ceramic and aluminium 
  • Vapour permeable 
  • 100% recyclable: Clay roof tiles can be ground and entirely reused in the production process 

Preferred areas of application: Single-family and semi-detached houses, prestigious residential construction, villas, historic preservation/historic buildings, castles


Concrete roof tile

Concrete roof tiles

  • Modern material: Manufactured from sand, cement, water, colour pigments and acrylate if necessary
  • Economical roofing material: Thanks to attractive material prices and low processing costs as a result of easy installation
  • Up to 7 dB noise reduction compared to other roofing materials
  • Available in standard colours and diverse product lines
  • System accessories available in concrete, fibre cement, plastic and metal
  • Energy-saving production technology
  • The concrete roof tiles can be ground and fed into recycling processes

Preferred areas of application: Construction of multiple dwellings, multi-storey residential construction, turnkey construction, prefabricated house construction, low-cost housing construction, agricultural buildings, industrial facilities, churches, hotels, high-quality office buildings