Stable, design consistency and perfect rain protection: Solar systems securely installed with CREATON original accessories


A solar system is naturally built for the sun. But since its installation requires a roof penetration, maximum caution with respect to rainwater penetration is advised. The installation of solar systems should not give rainwater any opportunity or compromise the roof structure.  

The original from CREATON is superior to inadequate standard solutions: Unfortunately, many commercial standard solutions do not offer the desired protection against rain intrusion. These universal brackets often have serious defects that only emerge later.  If the roofing is clay roof tile, they generally require time-consuming work and nevertheless frequently break under the load of the solar system, which means the roof is unprotected from all kinds of weather. This is not the case with the innovative CREATON Installation system. It is matched to the extensive CREATON clay roof tile product range. Compared to standard solutions it has the invaluable advantage of being installed in minimum time without dust or cutting discs, sits perfectly on the roof and offers maximum protection against rain intrusion. CREATON also has matching solar accessories for concrete tile roofs in the product range.


The CREATON solar system bracket kit and solar entry tiles for clay roof tiles


Solar system bracket kit for plank installation

The new CREATON mounting system for solar thermal and photovoltaic systems offers easy handling, fast installation and, due to the height adjustment, perfect adaptation to CREATON clay roof tile models. Due to the screw connection on a screed, any positioning in longitudinal direction on the roof can be implemented. In combination with the CREATON system tile, this installation is a visually appealing solution. The set includes a solar holder with a high-quality galvanized steel hook and the system tile. The safety on the roof is proven by a European approval ETA and is thus guaranteed.


Solar system bracket kit for rafter installation 

The CREATON installation system for solar systems ensures a perfect fit and visual homogeneity on every roof covered with CREATON clay roof tile models. This kit includes a stainless steel bracket that matches the height of the particular clay roof tile model and batten thickness and a system tile that allows the bracket to correctly pass through the CREATON clay tile roofing.


 Solar entry tile

CREATON also offers matching solar entry tiles for cable entry into the inner roof. Is equally suitable for the pipes in a solar thermal system or photovoltaic system cables. The combination with the sub-roof connection sleeve creates the optimal connection.

Beautiful shape, stable, rain-free – these are the benefits of the original solution for clay roof tiles:

  • Reliable: Guarantees maximum protection against rain intrusion, unlike standard solutions, due to reliable connection of the penetration into the sub-roof in accordance with the requirements of the Central Association of the German Roofing Trade (ZVDH).  
  • Fast: Installed in no time at all due to easy handling.  
  • Clean: Guarantees dust-free solar installation without disc cutter.  
  • Just right: Perfect fit and interlock – the same system properties as normal tiles due to optimal match with the CREATON clay roof tile product range. 
  • Beautiful: colour precisely matches the field tile - uniform appearance due to full-ceramic accessories
solar element bracket

Perfectly combined: The Aluminium base element and the bright solar element bracket

The solar element bracket is used as a connection to the wooden sub-structure of the roof in tile roofing. In specific cases this product is also fastened to a plank held by screws. With the solar element bracket, the fastening rails for the planned solar or photovoltaic system can be mounted from the ridge to the eaves or parallel to the eaves. This design impresses with excellent load values, thus ensuring maximum security for solar and photovoltaic systems. 

Product examples

HARMONIE solar bracket system natural red

HARMONIE solar bracket system natural red

HARMONIE System-Solarhalter naturrot

HARMONIE solar bracket system natural red

HARMONIE Solardurchgangsziegel naturrot

HARMONIE solar entry tile natural red



HARMONIE Grundelement aus Aluminium naturrot

Base element in aluminium, colour coated

Solarelement-Halter blank

Solar element bracket

CREATON solar brackets for concrete tile roofs

The CREATON solar brackets for the KAPSTADT concrete roof tile model offer the same functional and aesthetic benefits. It consists of a concrete base element with a pre-installed solar bracket made of galvanised steel. On concrete tile roofs, cables can be passed through the roof with the aid of the PVC base plate and special universal PVC solar entry. The PVC base plate has the same shape as the field tile, can be easily fitted in the roof surface and visually matches the appearance of the roof.


Product examples

HEIDELBERG Grundplatte klassikrot

HEIDELBERG base plate classic red

Solardurchgang Dachstein klassikrot

Solar entry for concrete roof tiles classic red

 KAPSTADT Solarhalter klassikrot

KAPSTADT solar bracket classic red

HEIDELBERG solar bracket system classic red

HEIDELBERG solar bracket system classic red

Negative examples


Breakage and rain intrusion

To guarantee protection against rain intrusion, the SOLAR SYSTEM BRACKET KIT is indispensable. Otherwise: tile breakage is inevitable, water can enter unhindered. Not with the CREATON solution: This is not a standard commercial solution. The CREATON solution guarantees protection against rain intrusion while preserving the integrity of the clay roof tile.


Defective execution

Defective execution can only be explained by the use of standardized universal brackets – which leads to a high level of complaints, and thus customer dissatisfaction. This involves unavoidable high costs. Not with the CREATON solution: there are no defects, no complaints – and that's good for the wallet.


Time-consuming handling

Commercial solutions often demand a high level of time expenditure caused by processing the clay roof tile, accompanied by large amounts of dust. Not with the CREATON solution: this means significant time savings and cost reductions. And: no dust due to mechanical cutting.