Our vision of Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Group has long been aware of its social responsibility. The health and safety of our employees, the satisfaction of our customers and the reduction of our energy consumption as well as the preservation and development of our clay resources are priorities for us, fully integrated in our current corporate strategy. At all levels, in all our activities and in every decision we make.


The pillars of our CSR actions


This report is the first which really captures CSR across the whole Group formed by the merger of TERREAL and CREATON in 2021. Named #BuildBetter, it is based on three pillars of building a better company, building better solutions and building a better planet. Containing a great number of inspiring cases, it shows that we as a Group have taken great steps forward towards jointly building a better, more sustainable and beautiful place for us and for future generations to live.

Build a Better Company

At the heart of a responsible company sits a work culture that genuinely respects, values and supports the development paths of each employee in a safe environment. We are constantly striving for greater equity and inclusion to promote the well-being of our teams. As a responsible company, we are building a trusting relationship with our external partners, founded on transparency and collaboration. We are developing a strong culture of compliance throughout the Group and strengthening our governance system to achieve our goals. Finally, we believe that listening to the needs of all stakeholders is key to becoming a better company.

Build Better Solutions

Our strong local presence requires us to be as close as possible to partners and manufacturers so we can design sustainable products. We are committed to developing innovative solutions for homes, such as our mounting systems for solar panel. Our products are designed for building efficiency and to preserve the beauty of our architecture. At heart, we are a good neighbour who wants to participate in the socio-economic prosperity of our communities.

Build a Better Planet

Aware of the impact of our activities on natural resources, we make every effort to preserve the environment and ecosystems developing a strict environmental management. We are taking a range of specific actions to reduce the carbon footprint of our solutions and products.

Roadmap to 2030

Reports and documentations

Our Group's ethical commitment

Compliance means enabling each employee to contribute to the Group's economic development within an ethical framework that respects the law and its values. It also means ensuring that all third parties with whom the company interacts work under the same conditions. It is therefore quite simply establishing a relationship of trust, both internally and externally. In order to build this trust, the Group has adopted a Code of Conduct and internal policies that detail it.

The whistleblowing system is the possibility offered to each internal employee or external company (supplier/customer, etc.) to report, according to the provisions of the procedure set up for this purpose, a fact that he or she deems not to be in compliance with the law or with this Code of Conduct. For more information: see our Whistleblowing procedure.

OUR CSR reports