Ridge systems – the smart crown of the roof 


Controlled ventilation, optimum weather protection and perfect aesthetics: The ridge system of a roof must be reliable in every respect, because it terminates the roof at the top. CREATON ridge systems fulfil all of these requirements. They are available in different designs for clay tile roofs and roofs with concrete roof tiles. The CREATON original accessory parts are impressive due to their technical precision, easy installation and proven fastening systems that provide reliable protection, even in freak weather conditions. 

The ridge – the most exposed part of any roof – deserves uncompromising protection and immaculate aesthetics. With the original CREATON ridge system, every roof becomes a unit that meets the highest quality standards. 

Hip roofs are among the oldest roof shapes and, in contrast to gable roofs, also have sloping roof areas at the gables. This form emphasises the roof’s special protective function for a house. With a hip roof design, the ridge ends in two ribs that are interconnected by a hip cap.



FIRSTFIX - The "click parquet" among the ridge systems

A full ceramic ridge closure with ridge tiles and clay ridge connection ventilating tiles enhance any CREATON tile roof. The FIRSTFIX system, consisting of the ridge clip, ridge clip wire and clip kit in high-quality stainless steel perfects this full ceramic roof closure. The stainless steel clips and wire in the FIRSTFIX system enable economical installation without tools. The ridge clip has slit-claw technology that anchors the ridge clip wire in the guide slot, making a secure, economical installation possible. The S-shaped, curved ridge clip is attached to the ridge tile, so this clip does not need to be held when fastening the ridge tile, leaving both hands free which enhances safety. 
The ceramic, functional starter and termination plates provide a neat and tidy termination at the start and end of the ridge and are also fastened with screws. This allows the ridge to be installed perfectly in the shortest time.


Benefits of the full ceramic ridge using the FIRSTFIX system:

  • low installation expense and high cost-effectiveness 
  • maximum stability and security for extreme durability 
  • long, maintenance-free service life 
  • controlled air circulation for reliable ventilation 
  • functional and aesthetic roof upgrade

installation of the FIRSTFIX system

Product examples

Firstziegel PF naturrot

Ridge tile PF natural red

Firstanfang- und endscheibe PF naturrot

Ridge starter and end plate PF natural red

Funktionsanfang- und -endscheibe keramisch PF naturrot

Functional starter and end plate ceramic, PF natural red

Gratanfänger keramisch runder Abschluss PF naturrot

Hip starter, ceramic with round closure PF natural red

Gratanfänger keramisch PF naturrot

Hip starter, ceramic PF natural red

Walmkappe 3-achsig PF naturrot

Hip cap, 3-axis PF natural red

Gratanfänger keramisch mit Muschelform PF naturrot

Hip starter ceramic with scallop form PF natural red

Firstklammer Aluminium PF rot

Ridge clip aluminium PF red

HARMONIE Firstanschluss-Lüfterziegel naturrot

HARMONIE Ridge connection ventilating tile natural red

HARMONIE Firstanschluss-Lüfterortgang naturrot

HARMONIE Ridge connection ventilating verge natural red

FIRSTFIX Firstklammer Edelstahl PF

FIRSTFIX ridge clip stainless steel PF


Ridge clip wire

FIRSTFIX Klemmkrallen-Set

FIRSTFIX clip kit

CREAROLL Alu First-/Gratrolle 150 cm² Lüftungsquerschnitt

CREAROLL ALU Ridge / hip

CREAROLL PP First-/Gratrolle Kunstoff 150 cm² Lüftungsquerschnitt

CREAROLL PP Ridge / hipt with PP-fleece

Dach mit HEIDELBERG ziegelrot

Solid and durable: CREATON concrete ridge tiles

The design of the ridge also deserves special attention when roofing with concrete roof tiles. CREATON accessories include concrete ridge tiles to match all concrete roof tiles. These are mounted on the ridge with aluminium clips. Underneath, the range and hip roll protective layer once again ensures both perfected weather protection and adequate ventilation.


  • additional protection through prior installation of the ridge and hip roll 
  • is available in all concrete roof tile colours  
  • ridge starter and end plates in aluminium or concrete

Product examples

Firststein für profilierte Dachsteine klassikrot

Concrete ridge tile for profiled concrete roof tiles classic red

Gratanfänger rund für profilierte Dachsteine klassikrot

Hip starter round for profiled concrete roof tiles classic red

Funktionsanfang- und -endscheibe klassikrot

Functional start and end plate classic red

Firstanfang- und -endscheibe Aluminium klassikrot

Ridge starter and end plate, aluminium classic red

Firstklammer Aluminium lang

Ridge clip aluminium long

CREAROLL Alu First-/Gratrolle 150 cm² Lüftungsquerschnitt

CREAROLL ALU Ridge / hip

CREAROLL PP First-/Gratrolle Kunstoff 150 cm² Lüftungsquerschnitt

CREAROLL PP Ridge / hipt with PP-fleece


FUTURA NOBLESSE dunkelgrün glasiert

FUTURA NOBLESSE dark green glazed

DOMINO FINESSE schwarz glasiert

DOMINO FINESSE black glazed

KLASSIK Rundschnitt naturrot

KLASSIK round cut natural red