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Clay tile DOMINO NUANCE slate shade engobed

Natural and proven - CREATON Clay roof tiles between ancient material traditions and contemporary architecture

Ceramic clay roof tiles belong to the oldest materials used for the exterior covering of pitched roofs and are still undeniably part of our urban landscapes today. Manufactured from the naturally occurring raw materials clay, loam and water, these roof elements have special physical properties that serve the protection and durability of buildings. Thanks to their ability to partially absorb moisture and release it again, moss formation on the upper surface and condensate formation on the underside are counteracted. They are water-impermeable, fire resistant, UV resistant, frost resistant and acid resistant. These factors contribute to lasting quality of building materials as well as the overall building. These small format tiles are among the sustainable building materials because of their useful life of 40 to 60 years, their 100% recyclability and their natural components. The enormous diversity of CREATON clay roof tile models, formats, surface textures, colour glazes or engobes enable maximum design freedom for modern, classic or historic roof designs.


Sturdy and durable - CREATON Concrete roof tiles combine material strength with creative aspiration

Concrete roof tiles are moulded tiles made from sand containing quartz, Portland cement and water in an industrial extrusion process. Admixed pigments create a wide diversity of colours and the surfaces can also be given gloss or matt coatings. Because of their format, the non-combustible, dimensionally stable elements are also suitable for larger roof areas. They can be used on pitched roofs as well as gently inclined roofs with a pitch of 10° or more. Thanks to their ultra-hard, highly compacted surface, they give the building a high degree of weather protection, UV protection and frost resistance. Since concrete roof tiles post-cure, they are very durable and their average useful life is from 30 to 50 years. In addition, they are particularly break resistant and effectively block noise toward the interior because of their self weight. The special connection quality of CREATON concrete roof tiles protects from water penetration, soiling and moss formation and ensures improved water discharge: this includes double water traps, a partly high side interlock with a lateral open joint, rounded bottom edges, pronounced bottom ribbing and robust support ribs at the suspension lug. The concrete roof tiles offer numerous design possibilities with colour variants and optionally profiled or flat shapes. For example, the linear flat shapes can be used to create homogeneous, smooth roofing patterns for minimalist building envelopes. A deep side interlock with a joint open to the top allows installation in running bond. The bottom edge is also continuously closed, even in the side interlock area. Comprehensive accessories for CREATON concrete roof tiles create coherent, integrated roof systems.


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DOMINO NUANCE slate shade engobed

Crowning structure – CREATON roof elements for the building’s uppermost protective shell

Together with CREATON sub-roof membranes, CREATON clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles or fibre cement panels are important components for all-round functioning roof systems. 

The upper closure of buildings is the most important protective shell against external influences such as weather, climate and noise. The roofing type must therefore fulfil a number of tasks in order to protect the building in the long-term. While mainly flat roofs are built in southern cultural environments with warm climatic conditions, pitched roofs characterise the urban and settlement landscapes of central and northern Europe which are characterised by a higher degree of precipitation. Roofs with a pitch from 3° to 20° are designated as flat inclined roofs. Pitched roofs are 20° or steeper. The multilayer structure of the roof shell ensures the reliable function of individual elements within the overall roof system. The inner layer forms a vapour barrier that protects against damaging condensate and regulates vapour diffusion. The roof structure above, mainly in wood, steel or reinforced concrete, performs the load-bearing function of the roof. Thermal insulation elements that protect against heat losses from the interior and climatic influences from the exterior can be integrated here. Depending on whether the roof is ventilated or unventilated, this layer in turn protects trussing membranes or sub-roof membranes that are also available from CREATON. The counter battens create a ventilation space between sub-roof and roof skin. Various materials and roofing types are available to planners for the outermost layer. The clay tile roof with elements of fired clay is the most reliable and widespread type. Flat roof tile, interlocking tile and hollow tile in their numerous variants form the comprehensive range of CREATON clay roof tiles. CREATON concrete roof tiles and fibre cement panels in various surface shapes, colours and textures are an alternative for creatively ambitious designs from classic to contemporary roof architecture.


Values and trends


House at the lake DOMINO NUANCE slate shade engobed


CREATON clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles are based on raw materials that are for the most part naturally occurring and readily available. 

The built environment is expanding and increasingly demands a sustainable approach to and visible harmony with nature. Issues of sustainability and conservation of resources as well as creative and healthy living considerations are gaining in importance: The trend toward natural materials continues unabated, especially in the building sector. Behind this lies a deeply felt desire for authenticity and originality. 

Sophisticated technological developments are not in conflict with traditional building methods and design, but complement them. Natural, readily available raw materials, which are converted into an efficient, useful form by means of sophisticated manufacturing technology, form the basis of the CREATON product range. The classic CREATON clay roof tiles consist of naturally occurring resources – clay, loam and water – as well as some mineral colour pigments and glazing frits for surface refinement. CREATON concrete roof tiles are manufactured from sand, Portland cement, water and colour pigments.


Cripple hipped roof with plain tile NOBLESSE

Multifaceted architecture – diverse design possibilities with CREATON roof products

Numerous CREATON tile types and concrete roof tile shapes in different colours and formats provide the building blocks for a wide range of building envelopes. 

Whether new construction or renovation of existing buildings, a multitude of CREATON products are available to planners for covering roofs. Clay roof tiles represent the most extensive selection within the CREATON product range. Pressed roof tiles such as flat roof tiles, reform tiles, interlocking and smooth tiles as well as extruded roof tiles such as the classic plain tile or side interlock tile, plus numerous special shapes support the new design or historic look of low sloped or pitched roofs. 

Matching roof elements such as the verge tiles, transparent tiles, ventilating tiles, hip starters, ridge closures or elements for roof penetrations provide suitable accessories for integrated concepts. 

CREATON concrete roof tiles are also available in different shapes and surface textures.


Row clay

Added value from locally sourced materials – CREATON raw materials and proximity to the production plant

The raw materials used to manufacture CREATON clay products are obtained at sites in Germany. CREATON clay mining areas are normally in the immediate vicinity of CREATON plants. 

In addition to resource conservation, the sustainability requirement includes emissions reduction and short route logistics. While local origin has become one of the most valued quality features in numerous product areas, such as foodstuffs used on a daily basis, the building industry also relies increasingly on physical proximity between material extraction, production and place of use. The company CREATON is based in the North Swabian town of Wertingen which is in the immediate vicinity of several clay mining regions. Securing raw materials for the other plants that have been added in the course of the company’s history primarily takes place in Germany and is based on the respective region. Re-cultivation of the natural environment when the raw material source is exhausted is also always a part of the approval procedure for new mining areas. This also represents a contribution to the prudent and sustainable interaction with the region.


Clay roof tiles

Clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles – CREATON materials for a sustainable building envelope

The two worlds of clay roof tile and concrete roof tile materials are gathered together under the CREATON brand. The products meet the criteria of sustainability due to resource-conserving raw materials, production process and also in their processed form. 

Against the background of global developments such as climate change and shortage of resources, the booming building industry faces permanent challenges. The demand for sustainability reaches into all areas of planning and execution. Numerous factors contribute to the economic and ecological balance sheet of a building. This includes the physical properties of materials used in construction and interior finishes, the energy concept and building services equipment, an efficient building process and low maintenance requirements. The high value of environmentally friendly and durable materials becomes noticeable in large-scale applications such as façades and roofs. Natural raw materials form the basis of CREATON roof products. Design, processing and quality give the individual elements a long useful life of 40 to 60 years. CREATON roof coverings help preserve the value of the property as a whole because of their material-related contribution to fire and moisture protection. High recyclability, whereby up to 100% of the components are ground and reused in the production process, closes the circle of sustainability that a building material must offer these days.


Roof of curch plain tile KLASSIK naturalred

Durable and sustainable – CREATON material properties contribute to the retention of building value.

CREATON products contribute to the fire and moisture protection of buildings to a high degree because of their material properties and design. 

The quality of a building material or product is not only defined by its own long service life and low maintenance requirement, but also by its contribution to the long-term value retention of the overall property. CREATON clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles make material and production-related contributions to unchanging, long-term, high-quality of buildings. The relevant features and properties of CREATON products are their weather resistance, frost resistance, colour-fastness and dimensional stability. 

Clay roof tiles have already proven themselves over many centuries due to their physical properties. They have a life expectancy of more than 60 years. 

CREATON concrete roof tiles, for example, have a highly compacted, ultra hard surface coating. Double water traps offer additional protection from rain intrusion. The design of the side interlock and lower edge ensure improved water discharge and protect against waterlogging or premature moss formation. CREATON concrete roof tiles are UV resistant and especially storm proof, thanks to their self-weight.