CREATON Concrete roof tiles - economical and reliable


Are you looking for an economical, reliable solution for your roof? We have it: CREATON concrete roof tiles. They are weather and frost resistant, UV-resistant and colour-fast thanks to a highly compacted, ultra hard surface coating. They are non-combustible, water-impermeable and, thanks to their own weight, absolutely storm proof. This makes them extremely reliable. 

Unique technology for optimal protection 
Unique to CREATON concrete roof tiles: double water traps. They provide additional protection against rain intrusion, because the twin grooves prevent water being forced upwards. 
The perfect roof solution can be executed quickly, easily and economically with the extensive CREATON accessories. And all this at an attractive price. The concrete roof tiles are easy to install and can be used with a roof pitch of ten degrees.


Product lines



This concrete roof tile offers an even finer, smoother surface, so roofs now stay clean even longer. This product line is also available in numerous matte and gleaming colours.

duratop pro

duratop pro

Doubly refined, this glossy concrete roof tile is available in a range of models and colours with an ultra-fine surface, ensuring a long-lasting, harmonious appearance.

VERONA planar classic red

Savings potential with multifamily buildings and prefabricated house manufacturing.

Last but not least, CREATON concrete roof tiles are valued in the highly cost-sensitive multifamily building and prefabricated building sectors. Here, building owners and producers are required to reconcile their personal views on architecture, quality of life and comfort with rigorous economic demands. Whether multifamily or prefabricated building: the estimate determines the project. In order that building contractors and prefabricated building producers can strengthen their market position with both quality and price benefits, CREATON makes a roofing material available to them in the form of a comprehensive range of concrete roof tiles in various product lines that can make all the difference in terms of the overall cost plan. It’s good to know that CREATON concrete roof tiles are not only cost effective, they also satisfy the highest standards. As a cost factor, they are relatively insignificant – which makes them all the more appealing as an optimal solution with added construction value!


KAPSTADT duratop pro dark grey

CREATON concrete roof tiles make new buildings economical

Construction of the new building is usually associated with considerable expense. The roof covering is also among the many factors that affect the cost of the entire building project. Choosing an appropriate roof material offers valuable savings potential. Because CREATON concrete roof tiles not only impress with their beneficial product properties and excellent workmanship – they are, at the same time, a good choice for every building owner with an interest in cost savings. Against the background of continued building material price increases, durable, cost-effective CREATON concrete roof tiles are an alternative that pays off. Although in terms of budget, the roof covering may not be the highest priority in a new building, reduced cost roof planning with concrete roof tiles can contribute significantly to cost effective project implementation.  It therefore pays to also keep an eye on the roof area in a planned new building and ensure economical construction with forward-looking material use.


Raw matieral and production

Robust raw material for versatile roof solutions

Concrete – a modern material with excellent properties, ideal for economical roof solutions, and an essential component of the CREATON product range. CREATON concrete roof tiles are extremely stable, despite the weather remains water-impermeable and resists both pests and UV rays. 
CREATON has succeeded in improving the product properties even further with an optimised sand mixture. Our DINplus tested concrete roof tiles are therefore more breakproof and stronger, their surface is smoother and the risk of moss formation is extremely low.

Environmentally friendly production

How do we accomplish that? Our concrete roof tiles consist of a special mixture of sand, Portland cement, water and colour pigments. They are compressed, coated, dried then recoated. This entire procedure is especially environmentally friendly. The concrete roof tiles have consistent quality due to industrial production. This makes them fast and safe to install. All this saves the customer money. And: The tiles are recyclable. At the end of their service life they are ground and reused in the production process.


Product overview

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