Our CREATON original accessories can be used across all product ranges. Whether for a roofing with CREATON roof tiles or roofing stones, depending on the accessory product, the use within several material assortments is possible.

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CREATON roofing membranes grant you high safety even for flat roof pitches without costly sub-roof structures. Our products have proven themselves in practice over decades and have been tested in terms of flow technology. The specification of the CREATON rain roof pitch is based on our many years of experience and the products available on the market. Thus, the superior technology of our CREATON roof and sub-roof products pays off in terms of costs, functionality and longevity, both during the construction of the building as well as during its long-term use. In accordance with the national regulations, our products thus attain the status of "state of the art" and thus also a recognized validity.

Dachbahn DUO extra

DUO extra

The economical sub-roof membrane with nail sealing function.

Dachbahn DUO longlife ND extra

DUO longlife ND extra

The economical sub-roof membrane with nail sealing function.

Dachbahn TRIO extra

TRIO extra

The sub-roof membrane with integrated self-adhesive strip.

Dachbahn QUATTRO longlife extra

QUATTRO longlife extra

The sub-roof membrane for the highest requirements.

Dachbahn Zubehör

Sub-roof accessories

In order to ensure the permanent function of the CREATON roofing membranes, we recommend to exclusively use the suitable CREATON accessories.

Roof closures & flashings

All-ceramic roofs are particularly functional, sustainable and visually perfect. With the all-ceramic ridge closure, CREATON offers the ideal system supplement for almost all models. Ridge connection ventilator tiles with all-ceramic spoiler ensure optimum ventilation of the roof. Colors and shapes within the CREATON range always match. And since the patented fastening system requires neither mortar nor plastic, the all-ceramic roof termination is maintenance-free. CREATON completely relies on the all-ceramic roof - because it is an economic, beautiful and value-stable solution.

Ortgang und Pult

Verge & Shed

The lateral roof closure made of solid ceramic and concrete.

First, Grat & Walm

ridge & Hip

Ridge systems - the intelligent crown of the roof.



Roof ventilation and roof venting for a healthy climate in the house.

Anschlüsse an aufgehende Bauteile

Roof flashings

The universal solution for secure roof connection.


Visually appealing, full-ceramic and with countless design variants for creative roof design. Practically every desired tile shape and colour is available as a ready-to-install ventilation unit. Entry tile and vent pipe are optimally merged. It fits immediately without tedious alignment and resealing. Thus, the system kit guarantees a durable, high-quality roof penetration with maximum protection against rain intrusion.


outlet vents

Good climate for full function - CREATON venting systems


Aerial installation system

The optimal solution from CREATON for satellite and antenna installation.


Flue pipe penetration

The CREATON flue pipe lead-through safely leads exhaust gases into the open air.

Protection systems

For a safe roof inspection during maintenance work: CREATON step systems are distinguished by safe, non-slip treads, perfectly matching to the roof. CREATON snow guard grids, log brackets and solid mountain snow guard supports provide protection from snow and ice loads, especially in regions with heavy snowfall. Robust aluminium base elements ensure easy, safe installation of flexible components. Our system accessories allow perfect integration into the roof surface in terms of shape and colour.


Roof Access system

Safe on the roof. Non-slip grip during roof inspections and roof work.


Snow guard system

Safely through the winter. Best possible protection against falling snow loads.


Storm protection

Safe in wind and weather. This keeps roof tiles and stones in place.

Solar solutions & other accessories

Every fifth new residential roof is immediately equipped with PV systems - and the trend is rising enormously. 



The aesthetic, future-proof and inexpensive option for sustainable energy production.


Solar installing system

Solar systems securely mounted with the highest rain penetration safety.


natural light & Roof access hatch

Optimal light penetration, ventilation and roof exit for chimney sweep and craftsmen.