The CREATON flue pipe penetration:  Original accessories that meet the highest standards


Weather resistant, conforms to regulations and homogeneous - wherever there is a condensing boiler there is also flue gas. And this must be removed from the building, ideally upwards and through the roof. The flue requires a roof penetration for this. This results in a particularly sensitive point in the roof where optimal use of functional material is required. The CREATON flue pipe penetration exists for this purpose. It ensures that flue pipes from gas and oil condensing boilers can pass through the roof into the open air and that the roof structure is reliably protected from wind and rain. Relevant rules and applicable energy-saving regulations must be scrupulously complied with in the process. These standards do not tolerate any margin of interpretation. Furthermore, flue pipes are frequently a visual feature of the roof – which is why this noticeable element should also fit perfectly into the overall appearance. This CREATON solution for low temperatures systems meets all of these important criteria. As part of the comprehensive range of CREATON original accessories, this product is available for numerous CREATON roof coverings and impresses with both its qualitative and aesthetic benefits.



The practical system kit for CREATON clay roof tiles

The CREATON flue pipe penetration is available with the practical sub-roof connection adapter as a kit – in fact, there is one for each of the brand’s clay roof tile models. It forms the perfect roof closure and it gives moisture no chance, thanks to the seamless interlocking joint on the  flue pipe penetration tile. In each case, this penetration tile has the same shape as the CREATON field tile installed on the roof. It also has the same material and colour, which makes it indistinguishable and creates a consistent roof appearance. Of course, it has all of the typical quality benefits of a clay roof tile. The spherical segment of the system can be plumbed as required in accordance with the roof pitch and is available for DN 110 and DN 125 mm flue pipes.

The sub-roof adapter is simply screwed into the roof penetration during installation and secured with a sealing ring without use of adhesive. Its rubber sleeve guarantees an absolutely watertight connection. The system is suitable for all sub-roof membranes. A template provides convenience and certainty during installation.

Benefits of the flue pipe penetration for CREATON clay roof tiles:

  • matches every CREATON clay roof tile model, aesthetically and functionally 
  • easily accomplished installation using template 
  • perfect fit and interlock: permanently rain and weatherproof due to technically sophisticated solution 
  • meets all current standards 
  • has the same positive properties as the field tile

Product examples

HARMONIE Thermenabgasrohrdurchführung naturrot

HARMONIE flue pipe penetration natural red


Sub-roof adapter


Perfectly connected

With the practical sub-roof adapter, CREATON flue pipe penetrations are the convenient solution for watertight roof penetrations. The adapter is simply screwed into the penetration and fixed with the sealing ring – without any gluing. The rubber sleeve is connected to the upper sealing ring, thus guaranteeing a reliable watertight connection. Furthermore, the connection system is suitable for all sub-roof membranes and a diameter of up to approx. 200 mm. Also included in the package: a template for even more convenience and certainty during installation.

The right solution for CREATON concrete roof tiles

A similarly matched flue pipe penetration is also available for concrete roof tiles in the CREATON product range. It consists of a PVC base plate and flue pipe attachment. CREATON offers the System 70/110 for roof pitches from 20 to 50 degrees. The concrete roof tile system includes a sub-roof connection sleeve. It is available in the classic universal colours.

Product examples

Grundplatte HEIDELBERG klassikrot

HEIDELBERG base plate classic red

Thermen-Abgasrohradapter System 70/110, Dachneigung 20-50°, Dauertemperaturbelastung max. 60°C

Flue pipe adapter System 70/110, roof pitch 20-50°, long-term temperature exposure max. 60°C

Negative examples

Alternatives in plastic and metal 

  • Defective interlock: no reliable seal to the sub-roof 
  • Visual weaknesses: colour deviations from the field product