Product range information

Temporarily restricted supply portfolio

In order to generally ensure the highest possible availability for you in the most important core products, we have decided to at least temporarily forego the production of isolated color and model combinations. We will provide you with information on the affected articles in the Products section under the respective model/color - you are also welcome to contact your CREATON consultant in charge. You can find the consultant responsible for you here.

Rest assured, our entire team in office work, production, logistics and sales is working flat out to improve the current delivery situation.

Current availability situation and delivery times

The record-breaking construction volume and the high demand for our products naturally make us happy, but they also present us with extreme challenges collectively. The unplanned, persistently high order intake is currently leading to significantly increased waiting times in order processing and delivery across all model and color combinations in the clay segment. Until further notice, it is therefore unfortunately not possible for us to make immediate, binding statements on availability or delivery times for your inquiries.

Concrete statements on availability and delivery times can only be made on the basis of actual orders and a substantiated check on the following day. In the meantime, you will receive a confirmation of the basic receipt of your order. With the order confirmation you will then receive information about the availability and the concrete delivery date.