For optimal natural light: Original CREATON accessories for clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles


Undeveloped roof spaces often do not have any means of accessing the roof access that also lets in outdoor light. But ideally, anyone who wants adequate light under their roof during the day without having to use electric lighting should ideally choose transparent tiles. They can consist of various materials. The transparent tiles in acrylic glass from the large CREATON accessory range impress with a whole range of product properties that are far superior to plastic. Besides clay tile roofs, there are also transparent solutions for roofs covered with concrete roof tiles.



Acrylic tile in matching shape: Maximum weather resistance with high transparency

The CREATON acrylic glass models are somewhat heavier than comparable transparent tiles in plastic. This makes them significantly more storm resistant. Their special dimensional stability is also a factor that contributes to them being maintenance-free and resistant to ageing. The CREATON transparent tile is therefore unaffected by UV light. And this robust transparent tile has even more advantages: Thanks to the matching top and bottom interlocking joints, it offers greater protection against rain intrusion and wind uplift in comparison to alternative products. For almost every clay roof tile model there is a corresponding transparent tile in the extensive range of CREATON roof accessories that fits harmoniously into the individual appearance of the roof. It is installed exactly like a field tile and can be very easily laid with them. Its transparency always ensures adequate daylight under the roof. 

A roof access hatch is also an option to provide an undeveloped roof space with daylight.


The transparent tile for the concrete roof tile HEIDELBERG

As a classic among concrete roof tiles, HEIDELBERG offers an acrylic light block for natural light in undeveloped roof spaces that has the same positive features as transparent tiles.

Product examples

HARMONIE Lichtziegel (Acryl)

HARMONIE Transparent tile (acrylic)


HEIDELBERG Light block

The right access hatch for every roof: CREATON roof access windows for clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles


Roof access windows are like the eyes of a roof. They let sunlight into undeveloped roofs and provide orientation. At the same time, they provide ventilation and are the main way in which chimney sweeps and tradesmen access the roof. They must be made and installed in a way that makes roof access from the attic fast, smooth and above all safe. Roof access hatches are divided roughly into two systems: Thermally insulated models for insulated, developed roof spaces and windows for uninsulated cold spaces. CREATON offers a large range of roof access windows in both variants for clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles, including universal models with a broad range of applications. Whichever of these roof access windows you select, the product quality and accurate fit to adjacent CREATON roofing will impress you.



Universal, thermally-insulated roof access window

A thermally-insulated roof access window that is suitable for all CREATON clay roof tile and concrete roof tile models is recommended for universal applications. It comes with a flashing and is connected to the sub-roof by an integrated connection apron. The grey-brown window has dimensions of 550 x 780 mm and opens upwards. It is equally suitable for finished and unfinished attics and its use is not only limited to residential buildings. Thanks to the completely pre-installed window elements, it can be mounted in no time at all.

  • Colour: grey-brown
  • Size: 55 x 78 cm
  • thermally insulated
  • can be used in both residential and non-residential construction with developed and undeveloped roof spaces
  • completely pre-installed flashing and connection apron saves time and enables fast, reliable handling
  • opens upwards
  • fastening is carried out with 4 brackets on the interior
  • delivery in a single carton including installation accessories
wärmegedämmtes Dachausstiegsfenster
wärmegedämmtes Dachausstiegsfenster
wärmegedämmtes Dachausstiegsfenster
wärmegedämmtes Dachausstiegsfenster