High quality roof closures: From verge to shed


A covered roof surface can only be as functional and reliable as the overall roof system. Consequently, the roof closure also plays an important role in the durability and weather resistance of a roof. Special attention should be paid to roof closures. The lateral roof closure is called the verge – it forms the transition to the façade at the vertical gable. The verge connects the eaves to the ridge and is frequently referred to as the front of the house. When looking at a house, the focus is on the verge. It therefore frequently has a very sophisticated design or is highly decorated. It is also important that this part of the roof is protected from driving rain and moisture penetration. 

The double roll tile is an alternative closure to the verge without leg. Use of clay and concrete double roll tiles avoids visible grooves at the open side of the field tile, producing a consistent roof surface appearance at the left and right side. The double roll tile can also be used on the left side of roof windows, and normal field tiles are used on the right. The half-width tile compensates for the coverage width that cannot be achieved by a normal clay roof tile or concrete roof tile. With clay roof tiles that are laid in bond, every second row must begin and end with a half-width tile. The half-width tile gauge and interlock are identical to the field tile and concrete roof tile. 

The shed roof, which was originally used above all for simple structures and ancillary buildings, is enjoying renewed popularity and contemporary architecture; shed roof combinations in particular can form attractive roofscapes. The surface of the shed roof usually faces the weather to shield from wind, rain and snow. Special clay shed roof tiles and concrete shed roof tiles are used at the shed closure.


Full ceramic closures at the verge and shed

This makes the roof both beautiful and secure – full-ceramic lateral roof closures and verges. The verge tile is an edge tile with pressed, vertical side lobes to cover the gable edges at right angles to roof surfaces. Clay verges provide a clean, weathertight roof closure. Since the verges have the same gauge as normal clay roof tiles, they are particularly easy to install. They also have the same positive properties as field tiles and match the roof surface colour perfectly. The same is true for ceramic shed roof tiles. Aesthetically, they fit perfectly into the overall appearance of the roof and optimally harmonize visually as well as functionally with the rest of the roof surface.

Verge and shed

  • Verge tile
  • Double roll tile
  • Half-width tile
  • Ridge connection verge tile, half-width tile, double roll tile
  • Shed roof tile
  • Shed roof verge tile
  • Mansard / pitch transition verge tile


System-compatible and economical shed closure

The UNI shed roof tile is an economical alternative to the high quality, model-specific shed roof closure. The ideal installation is carried out in combination with the ridge connection ventilating tile or with the field tile and the CREAROLL ridge and hip roll.

The UNI shed roof tile can be used with the following models

UNI shed roof tile

Product examples

HARMONIE Längshalber naturrot

HARMONIE Half-width tile natural red

HARMONIE Ortgang links naturrot

HARMONIE Verge tile left natural red

HARMONIE Doppelwulst naturrot

HARMONIE Double roll tile natural red

HARMONIE Firstanschluss-Lüfter-Ortgangziegel links naturrot

HARMONIE Ridge connection verge tile left natural red

HARMONIE Pultziegel naturrot

HARMONIE Shed roof tile natural red

HARMONIE Pult-Ortgangziegel links naturrot

HARMONIE Shed roof verge tile left natural red


Verge and shed on a concrete tile roof

The verge and shed on a concrete tile roof are constructed using specially shaped concrete roof tiles. The accessory range colours match the concrete field tiles and create a unified roof. Concrete verge tiles are offered with two different notch sizes: 90 mm and 120 mm. Verges with a 90 mm notch can be used with roof pitches of 30° or more and a vertical overlap of 75 - 85 mm, so the verge has a more harmonious effect.

Verge and shed

  • Concrete roof tile (90 and 120 mm notch)
  • Concrete double roll tile
  • Half width tile
  • Concrete shed tile
  • Shed half width tile, concrete verge tile
  • Mansard / concrete pitch transition verge tile (90 and 120 mm notch)

Product examples

HEIDELBERG Ortgangziegel Ausstich 90 mm klassikrot

HEIDELBERG Verge concrete roof tile 90 mm notch classic red

HEIDELBERG Ortgangziegel Ausstich 120 mm klassikrot

HEIDELBERG verge concrete roof tile 120 mm notch classic red

HEIDELBERG Pultstein klassikrot

HEIDELBERG Shed concrete tile classic red

HEIDELBERG Pultstein Längshalber klassikrot

HEIDELBERG Shed half width tile classic red

HEIDELBERG Pult-Ortgangstein klassikrot

HEIDELBERG Shed concrete verge tile classic red

HEIDELBERG Mansard-Knickstein klassikrot

HEIDELBERG Mansard / concrete pitch transition half width tile classic red

HEIDELBERG Mansard-/Knick-Ortgang Ausstich 90 mm klassikrot

HEIDELBERG Mansard / concrete pitch transition verge tile 90 mm notch classic red

HEIDELBERG Mansard-/Knick-Ortgang Ausstich 120 mm klassikrot

HEIDELBERG Mansard / concrete pitch transition verge tile 120 mm notch classic red


DOMINO NUANCE schieferton engobiert

DOMINO NUANCE slate shade engobed

FUTURA NUANCE grau engobiert

FUTURA NUANCE grey engobed

KAPSTADT duratop zinkgrau

KAPSTADT duratop pro pale grey