Clay roof tiles: An ancient cultural heritage perfected by CREATON


The tile was the first ever building material to be professionally shaped by the human hand. Almost 10,000 years ago, people fulfilled the basic need for shelter and living space with the help of earth, water, air and fire.  
Much remains unchanged: neither people’s basic needs nor ecological production. But things have certainly improved: in terms of production method, aesthetics and the quality of the product. And that is what CREATON uniquely stands for. 

Our aspiration: Living in natural surroundings 
After all, we have been honing our expertise in the manufacturing of clay roof tiles for over 130 years. We are driven by the high aspiration of providing a natural living environment.  
CREATON has perfected tile production so we can offer our customers first class natural products of the highest quality, thanks to authentic raw materials and ultramodern processes. This is how we continue to develop an ancient cultural heritage – for the benefit of our customers.


Captivating diversity – infinite possibilities

In existence for thousands of years: roof tiles made of fired clay. And now even today this natural product awakens special emotions. With its diversity of shapes, finishes and colours, CREATON opens up completely new design possibilities. No matter whether in an authentic natural look, refined with engobes or finished with glazes or as a solid-coloured tile body – every product is unique.


Clay tile natural red

naturally beautiful

Sometimes smooth, sometimes roughened, combed, brushed or even flamed: The surface texture gives natural-look tiles their special characteristic. This precisely reflects the individual shade of colour that emerges during firing.


DOMINO NUANCE slate shade engobed

Durable and elegant

The matt shimmer, the fine play of colour, which creates this refined impression. Engobes lend ceramic products a special aesthetic. Engobes also ensure even more durable surface finishes and colours. CREATON obtains natural clay slurries for this from specially selected deposits worldwide. These are applied to the unfired tile in a complex process then fired at a temperature of 1,000 degrees.


plain tile KLASSIK FINESSE wine red glazed

Unique play of colour

Whether historic building or a creative project by a private building owner – CREATON always has the right solution... ...and the matching colour. With NOBLESSE, we offer a range with 60 coordinated shades providing unlimited combination possibilities thanks to our exclusive glazes. A film of ground, pre-melted minerals covers the tile like protective armour. A further plus: greater resistance and easy cleaning due to the smooth surface. This applies equally for NOBLESSE and the high-volume production of FINESSE.



Colourful beauty through and through

It extends all the way to the core. In the KERALIS process, the tile is coloured throughout. Fine, pure quality clays are ground into bone-dry powder and mixed with colour pigments. Precisely controlled moistening results in a clay with a practically fine ceramic quality. They are refined with the CREATON HOCHBRANDFAKTOR: With a firing temperature of 1,100 degrees, it ensures an even, matte sheen tile surface and colour throughout.


Raw material and production

Raw material clay

Clay - the perfect raw material for the roof

Even today, tiles are what define the roofscapes of our towns and villages. And clay is one of the most popular building materials. This is hardly surprising, it protects against moisture and frost more effectively than most other materials, is vapour-permeable and fire-resistant, UV resistant and extremely durable. It can have a wide range of visual effects using engobes or glazes. To sum up: It is perfect for your roof.


Production process clay roof tiles

A completely chemical-free natural product

Clay occurs if crystalline rocks, such as granite, weather. It is therefore a truly natural material. However, clays of this kind are unsuitable for roof tile manufacturing, because they shrink and form cracks when they dry. It is therefore mixed with loam. Chemicals? Unnecessary. The red colour typical of a clay roof tile emerges during the firing process due to the high proportion of iron.

Production process clay roof tiles

From the ground to the roof

Clay is extracted directly from the ground. It is initially stored in enormous storage basins and watered prior to further processing. It stays here for about two weeks. Then it goes into the pan mill. Iron wheels weighing tons grind the clay lumps into a smooth mass which is then compacted. The clay can now be placed in the mould, pressed and trimmed. After drying, the surface treatment – a glaze or engobe – is applied. It then goes into the kiln and finally to quality control.


Clay roof tile production


Full ceramic accessories - so performance and appearance match

Someone who decides on a premium roof using CREATON clay roof tiles places emphasis on aesthetics, durability and technical perfection. To take full advantage of these properties, building owners should also rely uncompromisingly on premium quality from CREATON for the accessory components that belong to the roof. An original accessory is, on one hand, the guarantor of a harmonious aesthetic for the entire roof. Furthermore, roof closures and every element that penetrates the roof are potential weak spots that require a well-thought out solution. 

Qualitatively, inadequate accessories can result in penetration of water or may compromise the controlled ventilation that is extremely important in maintaining the integrity of a roof. CREATON original accessories are manufactured with the same perfection as the primary roof components. In this way, the roof becomes a system that functions reliably and guarantees decades of living comfort. Optimal protection against moisture and frost as well as reliable vapour permeability are the hallmarks that set full ceramic CREATON accessories apart from inferior products. 

Benefits of CREATON full ceramic accessories: 

  • Visually, original accessories fit perfectly into the overall appearance of the roof. 
  • The roof elements remain permanently colour-fast and UV resistant. 
  • The material guarantees the best moisture protection for the sub roof. 
  • Full ceramic accessories provide lasting reliability. 

Whether installing roof penetrations, ridge end caps, verges or decorative roof elements: the CREATON roof maintains its combination of outstanding, harmonious appearance and durability with full ceramic original accessories.



Historic conservation: Breathe new life into old beauty

Anyone who wishes to preserve historical structures needs a partner with a feeling for tradition and its significance, not to mention a product portfolio that allows space for individual special solutions and historically accurate reconstructions. A partner like CREATON.
Many listed properties have been renovated with historical accuracy, thanks to our extensive tile range, large selection of colours and high-quality glazes – that breathe new life into old beauty. Naturally, with the most modern materials and technologies.

Our technical advisers support building owners
in accordance with historic conservation guidelines. They are mediators between historic conservation authorities and tradesmen. They make things possible that appear impossible, and if necessary will have special tiles reproduced by hand. So, the charm of the past can live on. 
Incorporation of modern-day energy requirements also plays a large role in the process. CREATON also offers the appropriate solution for optimal roof insulation.


Historical conservation

Product overview

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