Added value for developers and building companies


CREATON has been the brand for economical and reliable roof solutions for 130 years and has established itself as one of the leading European umbrella brands. Our performance and experience are based on the combination of strong brands and a targeted strategic orientation. 

The CREATON product range – the extensive portfolio is the basis of our performance and the foundation of our promise and your trust. We are proud to produce high-quality roof materials that collectively produce sophisticated roof systems. 

  • Roof tiles in clay
  • Roof tiles in concrete
  • Extensive accessory range


HARMONIE natural red

Clay roof tiles

  • extensive model and colour selection 
  • available in natural, engobed and glazed finishes


HEIDELBERG planar dark grey

Concrete roof tiles

  • economical material in four different models 
  • classic colours in the universal, planar and duratop pro product lines


Cost-effectiveness - benefits that pay off

Less expense – more performance: CREATON has diverse roof solutions in the product range to respond to the demand for economical execution in addition to high-quality. 

MAGNUM NUANCE black matt engobed

MAGNUM clay roof tile

The MAGNUM roof tile in clay impresses as only 8.2 tiles are required to cover 1 m². 

  • High cost-effectiveness thanks to mega format 
  • Combination of size and quality without compromises 
  • Seamless overlap and optimal flow behaviour 
  • Three stable suspension lugs ensure a secure hold and reliable circulation around roof battens
HEIDELBERG planar classic red

Concrete roof tiles

Roof tiles in concrete impress with an ideal price-performance ratio. 

  • Traditional, timeless shape for new construction and renovation 
  • Double water traps offer additional protection from rain intrusion 
  • Pronounced bottom ribbing also reduces the intrusion of blowing snow or driving rain


Reliability - functional roofs

We promise to meet your expectations: A building is always designed to last for a long time and is a significant investment. It requires the greatest possible reliability, especially the roof, which is primarily responsible for the protection of your building.


Technical consulting service

Always professionally supported

In addition to our sales staff, a practice-oriented team of applications technicians is available to you. Your questions will only be answered by acknowledged experts who are masters of their trade. 

Service and marketing support

  • Tenders 
    We provide support with tender texts at
  • CREATON premium sample dispatch 
    We offer premium sample dispatch for special or specific projects.
  • CREATON Campus 
    Further education and expertise for you and your staff.
  • CREATON you can reach out and touch 
    We can assemble custom sample concepts for your sales exhibition.
  • CREATON Media 
    Access your reference project easily, quickly and simply with a few clicks at
Professional building owner

Professional and personal consultation and guidance

We know that easy, reliable processing of your orders is of utmost importance to you. We bring all of our experience to bear on this crucial aspect. In addition, CREATON offers you optimal sales support and stands by your side with service offers from planning to implementation and further education of your staff: 

  • Regional consultation service 
    We support you in the planning and execution of your projects with close to 80 sales representatives throughout Germany. Our capable in-house team handles orders and order processing.
  • Tradesman service 
    We also have a large network of qualified tradesmen at the disposal of our partners.
  • Technical consultation service 
    In addition, we offer you contact with our practice-oriented team of experts for special detail issues. You can reach the contact responsible for your project daily from 8 a.m - 6 p.m.
  • Personal service 
    The Creaton team of experts in the field is supported by our specialised key account department in all questions related to professional building.