CREATON means pitched roof


Who doesn’t dream of their own four walls? A roof overhead that protects from wind and weather?  
And now you ask yourself, why a pitched roof? And, if a pitched roof, what shape and what colour?  
And then there are still questions of building law to clarify and possibly a development plan to take into account.  
Our focus is on the pitched roof. We are happy to consult with you to find out your roof type and what else must be kept in mind.  
Ultimately, the roof is the eye catcher of every house and contributes to the outward appearance. And who doesn’t want the neighbours to be astonished.  
We support you in the decision for your dream roof! 


What is a pitched roof?


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Why choose a pitched roof?

The pitched roof is secure and versatile.  

Whether it’s a gable roof, shed roof, hip roof or Mansard roof -  
the pitched roof offers many advantages. 

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What is your roof type?


Clay roof tiles or concrete roof tiles?  

Modern, rustic, Mediterranean or even Scandinavian?  
What is your roof type? 


Reference pictures and addresses

You’d like to see CREATON products in use.  

We’ll make reference pictures and addresses available from your area.  

Experience CREATON products live. Please contact us. 

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