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CREATON supports you in your daily work with intelligent roof solutions and practical service offers.


Impressive roof solutions - two highlights from CREATON



Intelligent ridge system

Easy installation - time-saving - no tools necessary

  • High-quality and beautiful 
    full ceramic ridge closure with ridge tile and ridge connection ventilating tile in clay 
  • Simple and fast 
    FIRSTFIX system consisting of ridge clip, ridge clip wire and clip kit 


Universelle Dachanschlüsse

Universal flashings

Optimal malleability - durable - UV resistant

  • Secure and dimensionally stable
    60 % material flexibility and excellent adhesion
  • Versatile and easy to use
    Versatile applicability for different roof flashings such as chimney, wall and dormers

Do you know what a roof has to withstand over 40 years?


CREATON  helps – useful services for your daily work

In addition to the actual work on the roof, many activities occur in your daily routine as a roofing contractor. 

  • Perform calculations and prepare quotations 
  • Plan roofs and make calculations 
  • Advise owners and inspect properties 
  • Revise website and work out advertising measures

CREATON supports you in this work with practical and simple tools and services. Let’s tackle it together! 


Service Assistent

Planning and calculation

Plan roofs and easily perform calculations for wind uplift and snow load protection.


Property inspection

Advise future building owners and sample their projects with CREATON clay roof tiles.

Handwerker App

Documents and information

Stay up to date with the Roofer App and the latest documentation from CREATON.

Webauftritt und Werbemaßnahmen

Web presence and advertising measures

Use beautiful CREATON product and reference pictures for your web presence and advertising material.

Still haven’t made an appointment with your contact person?

A meeting provides the perfect opportunity. 
There are bound to be several things to discuss. Your CREATON technical advisor will be happy to visit you and tell you about CREATON’s reorientation, new products and our services. 

Are your documents still up to date?

Do you need new brochures for the consultation? 
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