Snow guard and snow bracket systems – effective snow slab blockers


CREATON original roofs are technically sophisticated and, naturally, comply with all building code provisions and specifications. This also applies to premium accessories such as snow guard systems. Since 2014, structural calculations have been required for these systems to ensure the best possible protection from falling snow loads. The dimensioning of the Snow guard system is determined by the roof pitch, the provisions of the respective state building regulations and the “snow load zone”, which is determined by the geographic location of the building. A CREATON snow guard system is calculated based on the specifications and then harmoniously integrated into the roof structure. The CREATON Snow Load Assistant helps calculate a correct snow protection recommendation. This not only guarantees maximum safety, but also meets the highest aesthetic standards. CREATON offers various technical solutions. CREATON has a diverse range from conventional snow guard grids to snow clips, mountain snow guards and designs with logs. 

The decisive advantage of CREATON snow guard accessories is that they can be mounted directly when installing the roof. No changes need to be made to the clay roof tiles or concrete roof tiles that could impair their function. And, naturally, the snow guard systems match the roof colour. These low-maintenance systems fit harmoniously into the overall appearance of the roof.

Snow guard systems for CREATON clay roof tiles

Depending on building location, the CREATON accessories include four basic components for protection from large volumes of falling snow. First, there is a robust mountain aluminium snow guard grid for snowy regions to match the roof colour. Alternatively, a more rustic rural building style can be emphasised using log brackets. The "snow clips" are another solution for keeping snow on the roof. These are therefore also designated as a snow retention system.

  • Snow clips 
  • Snow guard grid 
  • Log 
  • Mountain snow guard

Montage des Schneefangsystems

The benefits of the original snow guard system for clay roof tiles at a glance

  • Once the original CREATON snow guard system is installed, no further work is normally required. These are low maintenance systems. 
  • For a harmonious appearance, the snow guard systems are available in many roof colours – like the other CREATON roof accessory parts. 
  • The uncomplicated, fast installation is a further benefit.

Snow clips


Snow guard grid




Mountain snow guard

Product examples

HARMONIE Grundelement aus Aluminium naturrot

HARMONIE Base element in aluminium natural red

Rundholzhalter Aluminium naturrot

Log bracket aluminium natural red



Schneefanggitterstütze Aluminium naturrot

Snow guard grid support aluminium natural red

Schneefanggitter naturrot

Snow guard grid, natural red

Gebirgsschneefangstütze naturrot

Mountain snow guard support natural red

Rundrohr Durchmesser 40 mm 3 m lang naturrot

Round tube 40 mm diameter 3 m long natural red

Schneenasen naturrot

Snow clips natural red

Many possibilities: Snow guard and snow bracket systems for concrete roof tile roofing

There is also a large selection of snow protection systems for roofing with CREATON concrete roof tiles. Whether snow clip, base element for log brackets or snow guard grid, the brackets are fastened to a concrete roof tile in each case and are available in any concrete roof tile colour variant. The support elements are set in the roof surface like a conventional concrete roof tile element and the roof surface remains a complete unit, optically and technically.

The following snow protection systems are available as original accessories for CREATON concrete roof tiles:

  • HEIDELBERG:  Snow guard grid, log brackets and snow clips
  • VERONA: Snow guard grid, log brackets and snow clips
  • KAPSTADT: Snow guard grid, mountain snow guard and snow clips

Product examples

HEIDELBERG Grundelement mit Schneefangstütze für Schneefanggitter 20 cm hoch klassikrot

HEIDELBERG Base element with snow guard support for snow guard grid 20 cm high classic red

Schneefanggitter massiv 3 m lang klassikrot

Snow guard grid solid 3 m long classic red

HEIDELBERG Grundelement mit Rundholzhalter klassikrot

HEIDELBERG base element with log bracket classic red



KAPSTADT Grundelement mit Gebirgsschneefangstütze klassikrot

KAPSTADT base element with mountain snow guard support classic red

Gebirgsschneefangrohr 32 mm Durchmesser 3 m lang klassikrot

Mountain snow guard tube 32 mm diameter 3 m long classic red

Schneenase Betondachstein klassikrot

Snow clip concrete roof tile classic red


DOMINO NUANCE kupferrot engobiert

DOMINO NUANCE copper red engobed

KLASSIK Rundschnitt naturrot

KLASSIK round cut natural red

KLASSIK Rundschnitt mix

KLASSIK round cut NUANCE slate shade engobed

Negative examples

  • No colour fastness 
  • Increased maintenance required 
  • No unrestricted protection against rain intrusion 
  • No aesthetically pleasing solution