Durable, elegant, easy to install: Safe roof access with CREATON step systems for clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles


Professional tradesmen and chimney sweeps also need to work on the roof – but his is always accompanied by danger. Not only steeply pitched roofs make high demands on the technical aids provided. In order for roofing work or chimney maintenance to be carried out with a maximum level of safety, CREATON has developed step systems for roofing in clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles. They not only provide secure, slip-free footing, but also are aesthetically pleasing, withstand weather and are durable. The permanently installed system solution makes temporary installation of ladders or hooks for roof work redundant. The permanently installed roof access system saves time and is low-maintenance.

Tailor-made solutions for clay roof tiles

The CREATON step systems are based on an aluminium base element that matches the shape and colour of the roof tile model used. Roof ladders, single treads, long or short grids are screwed to the base element as required. As flexible as they are stable, these aluminium building components can be easily installed and fit harmoniously into the appearance of the roof surface. Special processing of the clay roof tiles is not required during installation. The system also works without a support batten and can be conveniently laid with the field tiles. The grids can be used with roof pitches of 10° to 60°. The step system can be adjusted horizontally at the supports to provide a comfortable tread surface. The product provides optimal pressure distribution and stable footing independently of the roof pitch: Furthermore, because exactly the same interlock as the field tiles is used, the step system can withstand very high loads and provide outstanding protection against rain intrusion.

  • Single tread 
  • Short grid 
  • Long grid 
  • Continuous tread 
  • Roof ladder

Single tread


Long grid


Continuous tread


Roof ladder

Product examples

HARMONIE Grundelement aus Aluminium naturrot

HARMONIE base element in aluminium natural red

Einzeltritt Aluminium (pro Tritt wird ein Grundelement benötigt) naturrot

Aluminium single tread (a base element is required for each step) natural red

Langrost Aluminium (pro Rost werden 2 Grundelemente benötigt) naturrot

Aluminium long grid (2 base elements are required per grid) natural red

Dachleiter Aluminium 1,68 m lang naturrot

Aluminium roof ladder 1.68 m long natural red

Trittrost Aluminium zur Endlosmontage naturrot

Aluminium grid tread for continuous installation natural red

Sturdy step systems for concrete roof tiles

CREATON also offers especially safe roof access systems for concrete tile roofs. Here, a base element consists of a concrete field tile for mounting a single step. An additional base element stabilizes a grid bracket for long and short galvanized steel grids that are coated with universal colours. An additional support batten for load transfer is installed with this system.

  • Single tread 
  • Short grid 
  • Long grid
Steigtritt Dachstein

Product examples

HEIDELBERG Grundelement mit Einzeltritt klassikrot

HEIDELBERG base element with single tread classic red

Kurzrost Stahl verzinkt für Dachsteine klassikrot

Short grid, galvanized steel for concrete roof tiles classic red

Langrost Stahl verzinkt für Dachsteine klassikrot

Long grid, galvanized steel for concrete roof tiles classic red

The benefits at a glance:

  • technically sophisticated original accessories from the manufacturer 
  • stable footing and durability even under heavy loads 
  • weather resistant, durable and low maintenance 
  • matches the respective CREATON roofing aesthetically 
  • simple, easy installation 
  • tested in accordance with European testing standards


FUTURA NOBLESSE schwarz glasiert

FUTURA NOBLESSE black glazed

HEIDELBERG dunkelgrau

HEIDELBERG dark grey

FUTURA NOBLESSE dunkelblau glasiert

FUTURA NOBLESSE dark blue glazed