Unique media service form CREATON


Over 3,000 product pictures, videos, drawings and 1,000 CREATON reference projects with a single click. 
With "CREATON | Media" the roof tile manufacturer is initiating a unique media service for its customers and partners that is unique in the industry, simplifying daily work in planning and consultation. Fast, easy, convenient and always up-to-date: www.creaton-media.de/EN/

Over 3,000 media elements in the form of product images, reference photos, videos, drawings, brochures, and much more, gathered in a unique media library with an innovative, simple user interface. 
The new CREATON | Media service provides everything the roofer's heart could desire. Simple and convenient access to the key functions and technical details of over 1,000 CREATON reference projects, for example – sortable by model, colour and roof shape. This makes the roofer's day-to-day work much easier and significantly supports collaboration with the owner.


Your Benefits

  • Quick and easy access to over 3,000 media items
  • Guided tour for the first steps through the media library
  • Targeted query through convenient search
  • Online available everywhere
  • Support for your projects with a large selection of pictures, drawings and much more


Find instead of search

The search for the right roof tile, high quality roof accessories or the correct installation instructions is often a time-consuming challenge for many contractors. It takes time to quickly gather and customise all the information for the customer. CREATON uses its new media service to provide its partners with a unique solution for finding exactly the information that a contractor, building materials dealer or owner needs, easily and quickly. An extensive database with access to over 3,000 media elements – accessible online from anywhere. CREATON customers can use this service to obtain efficient project support that simplifies their searches significantly. Intelligent search and filter functions allow you to find the correct specialized information and products quickly. The selection is rich in variants and the presentation is clear. Naturally, the media elements can also be filtered according to specific criteria such as colour, model, roof shape or surface. CREATON's smart filter search makes work much easier, because only options that really exist in the database are displayed. This prevents "dead ends". The search results are updated immediately and are displayed prepared in the form of an extensive, clear gallery view. On the media detail page, you can conveniently select different formats for immediate download or save them for later access. The full-text search comes with an auto-complete feature which suggests frequently performed searches to help you find your desired objects faster. 

Users now have the opportunity to get to know the CREATON | Media functions by means of a guided tour. A "this is how it works" tour is set up to become acquainted with all the media service's important functions and details. 
In this way, CREATON ensures that every customer can use the range of functions optimally. You can find all the facts about the new media service at: www.creaton-media.de/EN/

CREATON | Media offers everything from a single source so the customer's on-site consultation is presented with greater skill. A premium service that is unique in the roofing industry.