We support you in your daily work. For example, with product images, videos, brochures as well as drawings that you can use in your planning and consulting. With our media library, you have access to over 3,000 media elements. The search for suitable image and information material for roofing tiles, roofing stones and accessories is often a time-consuming challenge. Gathering all the information quickly and accurately for the customer takes time. With the access to our CREATON media library, we would like to support you in finding exactly the information you need easily and quickly. This service can be accessed online everywhere and offers you an efficient project support that considerably simplifies your "search" work. Intelligent search and filter functions enable you to find the right information and products quickly - with a wide range of options and a clear presentation. On the media details page, various formats can then be conveniently selected for immediate download or saved for later. In the full text search, an automatic completion function with suggestions of frequently performed searches makes it easier to find the desired objects. You can find our media service at:


Your Benefits

  • Quick and easy access to over 3,000 media items
  • Targeted query through convenient search
  • Online available everywhere
  • Support for your projects with a large selection of pictures, drawings and much more