Connection of individual products

These products are used for bonding the seams.

CREATON Spezialkleber SKL

CREATON SKL special adhesive (310 ml/cartridge, adhesion coverage approx. 19 m)

Single-component adhesive cement for rain-resistant connections. Suitable for horizontal and vertical connection of individual sub-roof membranes, for sealing around nails in counter battens and connection of the sub-roof membrane to the wall, gable and chimney.

CREATON NahtKlebeStreifen NKS für Unterdeckbahn UNO/DUO (25 Meter/Rolle)

CREATON NKS seam sealing strip for UNO/DUO (25 metres/roll)

Single-sided adhesive tape with excellent adhesion characteristics on membrane, wood, brick and concrete.

Watertight flashing

This product is for watertight flashing of roof penetrations, chimneys or dormers on the sub-roof.

CREATON Unterdachanschlussadapter

CREATON sub-roof connection adapter

The practical sub-roof adapter provides convenient solutions for watertight roof penetrations. The adapter is simply screwed into the penetration and fixed with the sealing ring – no adhesive whatsoever required. The rubber sleeve is connected to the upper sealing ring, thus guaranteeing a reliable watertight connection. 
Furthermore, the connection system is suitable for all sub-roof membranes and a diameter of up to approx. 200 mm. Also included in the package: a template for even more convenience and certainty during installation.

CREATON UnterdachAnschlussBand UAB

CREATON UAB sub-roof connection tape

CREATON UAB sub-roof connection tape is a self-adhesive butyl tape with creped polyethylene lamination. Due to the special creping of the PE, a linear extensibility/deformability of over 60% is achieved.

Products for producing a watertight sub-roof with QUATTRO

CREATON QuellSchweißMittel QSM

CREATON QSM solvent welding agent

CREATON solvent welding agent is used to obtain homogeneous welds at the longitudinal and transverse joints in the overlap area of the QUATRRO sub-roof membrane.

CREATON Pinselflasche für QSM

CREATON QSM solvent welding agent

The CREATON bottle with brush applicator is used for application of the QSM solvent welding agent.

CREATON Konterlatten-Kappstreifen KKS

CREATON KKS counter batten cap strips

Vapour permeable, multi-layer, extruded flashing consisting of two monolithic TPU copolymer coatings and a PES non-woven fabric. The CREATON KKS counter batten cap strips serve to integrate counter battens into a watertight sub-roof with CREATON QUATTRO.

CREATON Heißluftfön für QUATTRO

CREATON Heißluftfön für QUATTRO

Der CREATON Heißluftfön ist ein leistungsstarkes, elektronisch geregeltes Profi-Heißluftgebläse mit stufenloser Einstellbarkeit von Temperatur und Luftmenge.

Vorgefertigte Außenecken für Anschlussdetails QUATTRO

Pre-formed exterior corners for QUATTRO flashing details

Used to establish homogeneous welds in the CREATON QUATTRO sub-roof membrane using hot air gun or CREATON QSM solvent welding agent in areas such as chimneys, roof, windows, etc.

Products for perforation protection

These products are placed beneath the counter battens to prevent penetration of moisture through the fastening points.

CREATON NagelDichtBand NDB

CREATON NDB nail sealing tape

CREATON NDB nail sealing tape is a double-sided adhesive tape made of soft PE foam material for use as a nail sealing tape.

CREATON FassadenKlebeBand FKB (25 Meter/Rolle)

CREATON NDS nail sealing strip (10 metres/roll)

CREATON NDS nail sealing strip is a double-sided adhesive tape (material: butyl rubber) and is used for sealing the fastening of counter battens for trussing, sub-roof or sheathing membrane to the rafters or sheathing.

CREATON NagelDichtMasse NDM

CREATON NDM nail sealant compound

CREATON nail sealant compound is used for sealing sub-roof, sheathing and trussing membranes and for sealing nails that fasten counter battens to rafters.