CREATON TRIO longlife extra

  • 2-layer, highly UV resistant, vapour-permeable sub-roof and facade membrane with a special acrylic coating and a PES non-woven fabric
  • Suitable for supported or unsupported application, can be placed directly on thermal insulation or wood
  • Ensures a closed thermal insulation system and protects the wall and pitched roof from rain, wind, snow, dust and moisture
  • Suitable for installation on vertical wall surfaces and as a wind barrier for ventilated facades with open joints up to 50 mm wide comprising up to 40% of the total area
  • Resistant to chemical impregnation, chain saw oil, wood rot and mould
  • Two self-adhesive strips ensure perfect adhesion of the membranes

Technical data

Length50 Metre
Width1.5 Metre
m² per roll75 m²
Packaging (quantity)20
Weight per roll20.25 kg
Fire performanceClass B-s1,dO
Resistance to air penetration-
Resistance to water penetrationW1
Water column, EN 20811> 100 cm
sd value0.02 Metre
Longitudinal tensile strength, EN 12311-1360N/50 mm
Transverse tensile strength, EN 12311-1240N/50 mm
Longitudinal tensile strength (after artificial ageing), EN 12311-1350N/50 mm
Transverse tensile strength (following artificial ageing), EN 12311-1230N/50 mm
Longitudinal expansion, EN 12311-125 %
Transverse expansion, EN 12311-125 %
Longitudinal expansion (after artificial ageing), EN 12311-123 %
Transverse expansion (following artificial ageing), EN 12311-123 %
Longitudinal tear resistance (nail shank) (after artificial ageing)160 N
Transverse tear resistance (nail shank) (after artificial ageing)190 N
Thermal stability-50°C bis +100°C
UV resistanceAt most 12 weeks
Outdoor exposure periodAt most 10 weeks


Additional measures according to CREATON manufacturer's specifications
Ja Trussing sheet/glued sub-roof without nail seals
Ja Trussing sheet/glued sub-roof with nail seals
Ja Rain-proof sub-roof
Nein Watertight sub-roof
Nein Special solution 7° roof