Optimal CREATON solutions for sat and aerial installation


Secure, weather resistant, visually impressive - original accessories for maximum protection against rain intrusion

A sloping roof is still the best location for a satellite dish or television aerial. To obtain a totally unobstructed connection to the television signal, there must be no higher neighbouring buildings, trees or pylons with overhead wires in the way. In addition, the fastening method should also be carefully considered. Chimneys, for example, are not allowed as mounting points for a satellite dish or roof aerial. A stable standpipe is needed – a mast that not only fulfils its load-bearing purpose but also does not affect the weather resistance of the roof structure. The mast penetration and cable passing through the roof to the building interior always represent an intrusion that must be very well sealed from the outside. What use is a large selection of channels if moisture penetrates the roof because the wrong product has been used? There are therefore professional original accessories for weatherproof installation matched to the CREATON product range that cover all of a building owner’s important requirements – and fulfil the highest standards for the desired aesthetic.



Original system accessories for the clay roof tiles on your pitched roof

The CREATON original accessories for sat and aerial systems are harmonised with the extensive range of CREATON clay roof tiles so your roof has a consistent look. The innovative master system is available in a bright metal finish or a choice of red, black or chestnut brown. This also applies to the ceramic aerial entry tile with rubber connection, which perfectly matches the colour and shape of the field tile. This hot-dipped, galvanised steel system provides a stable connection between the clay roof tile and satellite dish or aerial. It can be easily installed by one person at almost any location on the roof without intrusion into the roof layers. When the location is determined, the roof pitch is simply set at the infinitely adjustable mast base. Four locking screws attach the mast to the base frame, which can be installed between rafters 50 cm to 85 cm apart. It can be moved up or down as desired on the counter batten. Practical: Only one spanner size is required for all fastenings. The mast cover cap protects the cable entry into the roof interior for up to 18 cables from moisture. The required full-ceramic aerial entry tile with rubber connection, which seals the aerial mast perfectly, has a sub roof connection sleeve. The accompanying sub-roof connection sleeve enables connection of aerial masts mounted in the attic to all sheathing or sub-roof membranes.

Product examples

HARMONIE Antennendurchgangsziegel naturrot

HARMONIE Aerial entry tile natural red

Antennenmast Dachziegel

Aerial mast clay roof tile

The matching aerial entry for CREATON concrete roof tiles 

Do you wish to cover your roof with CREATON concrete roof tiles? In this case, the requirements for installation of a sat or aerial system are identical to those for a clay tile roof. The extensive CREATON original accessories therefore include an easily-mounted set for concrete tile roofs that enables simple, fast and water tight installation of sat dishes or aerials on the roof. It consists of a PVC base plate that matches the appearance of your chosen concrete roof tile model and an aerial entry developed especially for concrete roof tiles.

Product examples

HEIDELBERG Grundplatte klassikrot

HEIDELBERG baseplate classic red 

Antennenaufsatz Dachstein klassikrot

Aerial attachment concrete roof tile classic red