The service for professionals on the roof


CREATON is your reliable partner for all aspects of the roof. In addition to high-class products, as a professional we offer you free tools to simplify your day-to-day work. We also offer many useful services.


Professional tools for Tradesmen

As a tradesman, CREATON makes your day-to-day work easier with professional tools.


Roofer app

The CREATON roofer app - your mobile office

The smartphone roof planner solution. To make your daily work on the roof easier, CREATON offers the tradesman app specially for roofers and carpenters. You’ll find current technical data about our products, the popular CREATON roofers’ weather conditions and the snow load and storm clip assistants in this practical smartphone solution for Android and iOS.


Technical consulting service

Technical consulting service

For special technical and detail questions you will find help from our practice-oriented experts. 

price catalogue

Price catalogue

Do you need our price lists? 

To access our price catalogue, please send an e-mail to and provide the following information: Company, name, telephone number and address. After checking your data, you will receive access to our price catalogue.


CREATON accessories made of value-adding ceramics – the assurance that roofs also deliver your promise as a professional

As a roofing professional, you naturally want to offer your customers premium quality that ensures maximum living comfort for many decades. A CREATON tile roof fulfils these requirements, especially if the matching accessories are included. In addition to the visual aspect, it is above all the technical function that distinguishes CREATON full-ceramic accessories. CREATON therefore offers accessories for roofs that perfectly match the look of clay roof tiles and turn both new buildings and renovation projects into a feast for the eyes.  

Millimetres matter, particularly at the verges, the ridge or any type of roof penetration, because they are the sensitive points of every roof.  
CREATON full-ceramic accessory parts are made with the highest precision and meet the highest standards, visually and technically. First of all, they are important for the flawless function of the roof, such as roof ventilation or protection against rain intrusion. 

The matching accessories are an integral part of any building project with a CREATON roof. Because this is how the roof becomes an eye catcher that ensures comfortable living for many years.

Ridge of a roof

The perfect roof closure

With a full-ceramic system solution, the roof closure becomes a visual embellishment and a technical masterpiece. Ridge connection ventilating tile, ridge starter and end plate and the ridge tiles are perfectly matched to each other and round off the roof closure. This guarantees durable, correct ventilation of the roof. The ridge connection ventilator also impresses with an unbeatable argument: It makes processing by tradesmen independent of the weather, because they can also be laid during frost and moisture. Alternative products that must be glued are significantly less flexible in this regard. 

  • durable, correct ventilation 
  • fulfilment of the highest aesthetic standards 
  • perfect, enduring weather protection


Roof penetration

SIGNUM takes the art of roof penetration to a whole new level


CREATON has developed the perfect solution for DIN 1986-100 with the SIGNUM outlet vents. This is because all toilet ventilation systems must have an upper termination without a cover. All ventilation ducts that are connected to a fan must be built with the top closed. And, a distance of at least 15 cm must be maintained between the water-carrying plane and the lower edge of the outlet vent opening. As a professional, you are always home and dry with SIGNUM. 
Benefits of full-ceramic accessories for CREATON clay roof tiles: 

  • aesthetic integration into the roof 
  • especially durable 
  • fulfils all requirements of German Roofing Trade (ZVDH) rules and EnEV 
  • easy, fast installation, which saves time