ELEGANZ NUANCE dark brown engobed


The reform tile with style.

  • Traditional model for renovation and timeless roof design
natural red
natural red
NUANCE copper red engobed
NUANCE copper red engobed
NUANCE dark brown engobed
NUANCE dark brown engobed

Technical data

Size (appr.)230 x 420 mm
Covering width on av. approx.205 mm
Max. coverage width (approx.)207 mm
Covering width min. approx.204 mm
Covering length on av. approx.344 mm
Max. gauge (approx.)350 mm
Min. gauge (approx.)337 mm
Average tile requirement (approx.)14.1 pcs/m²
Brickware max. approx.14.5 pcs/m²
Tile requirement min. (approx.)13.7 pcs/m²
Weight per m² (approx.)43.7 kg/m²
Weight per pallet (approx.)769 kg
Unit weight (approx.)3.1 kg/piece
Pcs per pallet240 piece
Pcs per mini-pack5 piece


Valid for Germany
Roof pitch DUO extra (Germany)≥ 22 °
Roof pitch QUATTRO longlife extra (Germany)≥ 10 °
Roof pitch TRIO extra (Germany)≥ 18 °
Roof pitch DUO longlife ND extra (Germany)≥ 18 °
Valid for Austria
Roof pitch DUO longlife ND extra (Austria)≥ 22 °
Roof pitch DUO extra (Austria)≥ 22 °
Roof pitch QUATTRO longlife extra (Austria)≥ 20 °
Roof pitch TRIO extra (Austria)≥ 22 °

Technical informations

  • The technical drawing shown is merely an example.
  • According to the Central Association of the German Roofing Trade (ZVDH) rules for verge tiles, the distance between the inner edge of the verge lug and the outer edge of the gable wall or cladding must be at least 1 cm.
  • Current national rules and standards apply to the execution of roofing work. These vary from country to country (e.g. ZVDH Rules, Austrian Standards) and must be taken into consideration during execution. As manufacturer's information, CREATON-specific information about the execution of the sub-roof is also applicable and is complementary to these. You can find them in our Roof Planner or at www.creaton.de / www.creaton.at.
  • Bitte berücksichtigen Sie das Musterschreiben für die Regeldachneigungen CREATON.


LAF-/FLA values in mm for 30x50-battens
Ridge tileDN10°15°20°25°30°35°40°45°50°55°
PRU 2.5 pcs./m.LAF80757570656055505045
PRU 2.5 pcs./m.FLA100958580756560554540
PZ 2.5 pcs./m.LAF70656060555050
PZ 2.5 pcs./m.FLA80706555504535
LAF-/FLA values in mm for 40x60-battens
Ridge tileDN10°15°20°25°30°35°40°45°50°55°
PRU 2.5 pcs./m.LAF80807565605550403530
PRU 2.5 pcs./m.FLA1101059590857570655550
PZ 2.5 pcs./m.LAF70605555504035
PZ 2.5 pcs./m.FLA90807565605545
LAF-/FLA values in mm for 50x50-battens
Ridge tileDN10°15°20°25°30°35°40°45°50°55°
PRU 2.5 pcs./m.LAF75757060554540302520
PRU 2.5 pcs./m.FLA115110105100959085807570
PZ 2.5 pcs./m.LAF65555045403025
PZ 2.5 pcs./m.FLA100908580757065