CREATON – one brand. Infinite roofing solutions.

What if a roof was not only the protective and creative closure of a house, but the beginning of infinite creative possibilities? ... If you had the choice of not just one product, but an entire pallet of different materials, products and colours all from a single source?

Infinite diversity of materials, products and colours.

Experience unparalleled creative freedom with CREATON, the major full-service supplier for pitched roof solutions. With us, you can choose between clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles, fibre cement roof and facade slates or fibre cement corrugated sheets. As well as the largest range of sophisticated roof systems and accessories. For an infinite number of pitched roof solutions.

CREATON is therefore the natural choice for pitched roof products:

  • Full-service supplier for practically all pitched roof solutions
  • The appropriate roof systems from a single source with all materials and products
  • Huge diversity of shapes and colours
  • Roofing specialist with over 200 years of experience

CREATON stands for long-term partnerships.

We see ourselves as partner to our customers, listening and developing optimal pitched roof solutions along with our customer. With roof systems that are perfectly designed and matched to each other – visually and technically, without compromises. We set standards through the interplay of customer proximity and technical know-how. We take up our customers' challenges and meet them fully. That’s why we stand by our customer in all pitched roof issues and work on optimal solutions. Our expert, “to the rafters” motivated technical advisers and application technicians honour this promise. They are part of one of the largest sales and consulting teams in the industry.

Overview of our complete range.

Clay roof tiles

Many years of experience, high-quality raw materials and refined surfaces make our clay roof tiles timeless and lastingly beautiful:


  • 100% natural materials
  • Permanently weather, UV and fire resistant
  • Available in numerous models and colours

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Concrete roof tiles

Concrete is a modern material that makes economical and aesthetic roof solutions possible. Manufactured from sand, cement and water and refined with high-quality colour pigments, our concrete roof tiles are available in four different models and three different product lines, as well as many colours with matte and gloss finishes.


  • Attractive price combined with long-lasting aesthetics
  • Weather and fire resistant
  • Optimised against rain intrusion

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Fibre cement roof and facade slates

Large selection in a small format: With their characteristic appearance, fibre cement roof and facade slates offer exciting design possibilities – from the classic German pattern to modern, Cubist facade designs:

  • Enable a uniform building shell in a consistent style
  • Weather, corrosion, moisture and fire resistant
  • Low maintenance and durable

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Fibre cement corrugated sheets

Fibre cement corrugated sheets offer unparalleled diversity in the design of large-volume buildings. They are available in different colours and surface profiles. Fibre cement is up to 60% lighter than normal roof covering and easy to handle. The material enables a consistent building shell design:

  • Weather, corrosion, moisture and fire resistant
  • Low maintenance and durable

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Roofing systems and accessories

We are systems thinkers. Our customers benefit from the perfect interplay of our roof systems: from hard clay, concrete and fibre cement roofing to complete roofing system solutions.

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