The 10 brand principles of CREATON

With the brand quality advantages for roofers and architects, for the building materials trade and the building owner. These advantages demonstrate why trusting CREATON burnt-clay roofing tiles is fully justified.

  1. Outstanding brand quality:
    Each burnt-clay roofing tile of CREATON bears evidence of our philosophy of quality through optimal dimensional accuracy and the exciting fine, smooth surface. Put your trust in the "CREATON Guarantee" that ensures the durability and lasting beauty of roofs for each and every building owner.
  2. Extensive product range:
    With almost 1,000 different plain and pressed roofing tiles, CREATON considerably enlarges the scope for individual design of roofers, architects and buidling owners. The large variety of colours and shapes offers nearly unlimited possibilities.
  3. New product ideas:
    Again and again, CREATON proves to be a trendsetter for the entire branch: products of unique beauty, shape and colour and a cost-effective laying technique. Worldwide unique products bear evidence of the innovative strength of the brand name for creative roofing.
  4. Exceptional value for money:
    The cost-effectiveness of CREATON definitely pays off: as a result of its quality for generations. Resulting from product advantages which justify the demand of "exclusive perfection for the roof".
  5. Unique colour range:
    CREATON brought colour back to the roofs. Thus, not only our ""natural red"" is praised to be one of the most beautiful under the sky. It is precisely our variety of high-quality engobe shades and particularly the unique colour range of our glazes that also substantiate our reputation as the ""brand name for creative roofing"".
  6. Inspiring beautiful design:
    We desire for our customers to be proud of their CREATON roof. In shape and colour shade, our burnt-clay roofing tiles are small "works of art". Only comparable with the quality standards of fine ceramics, such as tiles and high-quality porcelain, for instance.
  7. Best materials:
    CREATON uses only highest quality clay as a raw material. Raw materials that originate from the best quarrying regions in Germany in order to guarantee high-quality surface refinement according to the "CREATON Purity Principle".
  8. User-friendly laying:
    Due to large sliding clearances, we managed to increase the flexibility of our large-size pantiles to an unprecedented degree. The laying work can considerably be accelerated due to the large formats of our pantiles.
  9. Safety resulting from high-tech products:
    Hydrocasing technology and flat firing trays, as well as the development of new technologies for the completely contactless baking are the pre-conditions for the high precision of manufacturing and for new, innovative developments, particularly as far as our large-size pantiles are concerned. Certified quality management from design up to customer service according to DIN ISO 9001/EN 29 000 in all plants.
  10. Exemplary environmental acceptability:
    According to our motto "natural clay sets the tone", environmental protection is given top priority in all corporate decisions. Our environmental concept of waste avoidance is considered to be exemplary in the reduction of environmental impacts.