The history of the CREATON AG


Alois Berchtold established what was, for the period, an extremely modern production plant in Wertingen/ Bavaria, some 30 km north-west of the city of Augsburg. He quickly established a reputaion as a manufacturer of pantiles of outstanding quality.


In Autenried, some 30 km south-east of the city of Ulm, Anton Ott set up a tile-making factory. Tiles have been manufactured at this location for 300 years. From 1945 onwards, his son, Ernst Ott focused on the manufacturing of classic plain tiles.


Production of the „HARMONIE“ pantiles for low-pitche roofs is started in Wertingen. In the following decades, „HARMONIE“ will prove as one of the most successful burnt-clay roofing tiles in the history of the company, as it reached sales figures exceeding 500 million tiles.


The ultra-modern hydrocasing procedure is introduced in the course of the new development of Plant 3 in Autenried. This procedure will allow for considerable quality & and evironmental advantages.


Josef Berchtold GmbH and Ernst Ott GmbH & Co. KG – two companies that closely cooperated already for decades – merge on January 1, 1992 and create CREATON Berchtold & Ott GmbH. A new quality brand of the creative kind emerged.


The probably best well-known colour designer of modern architecture, Friedrich Ernst von Garnier, develops exclusively for CREATON the „NOBLESSE“ and „NUANCE“ colour collections for glazed and engobe-slipped plain tiles. CREATON thus brought colour back to the roofs of the world.

Shortly after the reunification, CREATON builds in Großengottern/Thuringia the Plants I and II, which were completed in 1993 resp. 1995. Higest quality raw materials are transported by means of a conveyor line of more than 2 km length from the famous „Rote Berg“ (Red Mountain) directly to the plants. With the completion of Plant III in 2000, the overall capacity of the most modern European production plant for burnt-clay roofing tiles increases to approx. 50 million roofing tiles a year.

„FUTURA“ is launched on the market. This tile is pioneering and unique, particularly as a result of its completely new designed interlocking that allows for improved water paths and statics, as well as its area of use for roof pitches up to 10°. In the years to follow, the colour spectrum of „FUTURA“ is continuously expanded reaching an unprecedented colour variety of tiles for low pitch roofs.


In August 1995, the foundations were laid for further growth. CREATON was incorporated and listed on the stock exchange.


As of now, a complete range of pressed roofing tiles in large format is available to our partners. The quality range is thus rounded off and turned CREATON into the leading supplier in this segment.

In addition, the new large-volume production of the glazed „FINESSE“ range with the „ROOF PROTECTION FACTOR“ is introduced.


CREATON produces colour-glazed pressed roofing tiles of large format for the first time – a successful combination of cost-effectiveness and creativity.


As a result of the take-over of Ströher GmbH, Guttau in Saxony is integrated in the company as a further location. The unique „KERALIS“ procedure allows here for the manufacturing of the solid-coloured premium roofing tile models „KERA-BIBER“ and „PREMION“.

With its new flat tile „DOMINO“, CREATON sets straight-line accents for the aesthetic appearance of the time. This perfect tile represents a revolutionary combination of shape and function.


With its presentation of „TONALITY“, CREATON heralds a new era in ceramic  cladding design. This revolutionary cladding system represents a triumph of variety, creativity and cost-effcetiveness.


CREATON is the first roofing tile manufacturer to launch a mega tile on the market at the turn of the century. „MAGNUM“ opened up a completely new dimension of consequent cost-effectiveness and most beautiful appearance.


The well-proven CREATON range is added another 18 shape and colour combinations and with this unprecedented variety, again strenghtens its position as the leading European manufacturer of burnt-clay roofing tiles.


As a result of the enourmous demand for „MAGNUM“, Plant 2 in Autenried, which so far produced plain tiles, was modified to allow for the production of the mega tiles.


With its „ESTRICHZIEGEL“, CREATON now also offers a ceramic solution for floor pavements.


The competence centre for special ceramics is founded in Weroth/Rhineland-Palatinate. As of 2004, CREATON produces the ceramic cladding system „TONALITY“, the terrace pavement tiles „KERATO“ and the „ESTRICHZIEGEL“ at that location..

CREATON's first plant abroad is opened in the Hungarian Lenti. The investment aims at serving resp. developing Southeast-European markets more efficiently.


The Belgian building materials group Etex aquires the majority interst in CREATON and with the already aquired brands of PFLEIDERER and MEINDL attaines the leadership on the roofing tile market in Germany.


The bundling of the brands CREATON, MEINDL and PFLEIDERER in the new CREATON Brand Association allows for the creation of one of the most expressive roofing tile ranges throughout Europe.


CREATON further expands its market leadership position by integrating TROST Dachkeramik Malsch in the CREATON Brand Association.

CREATON opens Plant II in Lenti, the location where the pressed roofing tile models „BALANCE“ and „RAPIDO“ will be manufactured in the future.

In April 2008, Wertingen is reopened. The entire plant was redeveloped, reconstructed and expanded with an overall investment of approx. 26 million Euro after the fire disaster in May 2007 and is now one of the most modern manufacturing locations for burnt-clay roofing tiles in Euopre.


This year, CREATON celebrates its 125th anniversary. 125 years that are charcterized by exemplary competence regarding burn-clay roofing tiels, outstanding innovative strength and creativity. 125 years, however, in the course of which we established an intense contact with our business partners.