Order roof tile samples

Help in decision-making


Are you planning a new building or a roof renovation but still don’t know which roof tile you should consider? The CREATON range of clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles is extensive. To simplify the decision, you have the option of ordering up to 3 free samples.


Number 1

Haven’t made a decision yet?

Torn between two models? Or: Have you already selected the tile shape, but still cannot decide on a colour?  

No problem! Quite simply order up to three different samples from the product pages on the CREATON website. Place the chosen samples in the shopping cart. You are also welcome to request an information brochure about the selected tile type or ask for a personal consultation. Complete the free order.


Private customer searches for product
Number 2
Private customer viewed sample

Have the samples delivered to your home

The samples will reach you by post within a few working days.


Number 3

Handle and get a feel for the quality of the material

You will feel the differences between the different sample surface finishes and can convince yourself about the colours.

Would you like to know the difference between an engobe and a glaze or do you have questions about the product? We can advise you in advance – this makes the decision easier. You are welcome to call +49 8272 86-499 or send us an email at muster@creaton.de.


Hands touching the roof tile
Number 4
Private client reads information

Get more information

Do you need additional information to make the decision about your tile or would you like to see what the products look like on a completed roof? You are welcome to follow up with a request for additional information from us or contact us by phone.


Number 5

Compare tile models and colours

Decisions are easier to make when you are fully informed. Colours and shapes are very easily compared on the basis of samples.


Compare tile models and colours
Number 6
Find a favourite tile for your roof

Find a favourite tile for your roof

When you have decided on your favourite, you can obtain our products from the building materials dealer, a roofing contractor or a carpenter.



You are welcome to call us or send us an email.