dachintegrierte Photovoltaik-Anlage

Roof-integrated photovoltaic system now available in Austria

Wertingen - With a new roof-integrated photovoltaic system, CREATON now also offers property owners in Austria a particularly economical solution for solar power generation.  

An opportunity for the roofer  
Finally, it is also available between Eisenstadt and Bregenz: The new roof-integrated PV system by CREATON offers a simple and visually appealing possibility to use photovoltaics on the roof. For roof tradesmen, the system is the chance to position themselves as the one contact for all issues on the roof, as the system can be installed without extensive electronic knowledge. With a maximum voltage on the roof of 230 volts, the system plays in the voltage league of ordinary household appliances. The size of the system can be chosen completely flexibly: Thanks to a modular concept, the system can be scaled as required and is suitable for all clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles by CREATON. In Germany, the system has already been installed on roofs for more than one year. The high acceptance among roofers speaks for the unproblematic handling of the system. Thus, many roofers are already taking advantage of the opportunity to generate a valuable additional business. Installation is easy. The prefabricated components are optimally matched to one another and the click system is designed in such a way that no connection can be inserted incorrectly. Worries about doing something wrong are therefore completely unfounded: The first-time installation of a roof-integrated photovoltaic system is accompanied by a CREATON application technician so that the work proceeds quickly and any questions can be clarified right away.  

Aesthetic roof surfaces 
The new roof-integrated PV system is characterized by low acquisition and installation costs and is thus also suitable for larger roof areas on one- and two-family houses. The black PV modules can be integrated into the roof, thus ensuring a uniformly aesthetic roof surface. All components are optimally matched and are also easily accessible for repairs and replacement. Remote updating of the system software, integrated energy management and monitoring in real time make the system particularly customer-friendly.  

Long warranty periods 
The roofing contractor can count on an enormous advantage during installation: Installation is simple, and the support of an electrician can be dispensed with for the work on the roof. He then takes care of the proper connection in the house afterwards. The installation of the PV system is also safe in the long term. The performance guarantee of the partner company Sonnenstromfabrik on the PV modules is valid for 25 years. A 25-year product warranty also applies to Enphase's microinverters, which have already been used and proven a million times over. It applies to the costs of the inverter in case of replacement.  

CREATON is one of Europe's leading umbrella brands. Purchased by the French company Terreal in 2021, the company has a comprehensive range of products for pitched roofs and manufactures and distributes clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles and system accessories, as well as PV systems throughout Central and Eastern Europe. The company can look back on a long and successful history. In Wertingen near Augsburg, the founding site of the traditional company, high-quality products for pitched roofs have been manufactured for over 130 years.

Das neue dachintegrierte Photovoltaik-System von Creaton bildet eine ästhetische Einheit mit der Dacheindeckung.

The new roof-integrated photovoltaic system by CREATON forms an aesthetic unit with the roof covering. 

Das modulare Konzept ermöglicht eine schnelle und kostengünstige Montage. Die dachintegrierte Anlage ist mit allen Standard-PV-Modulen kompatibel.

The modular concept enables fast and cost-effective installation. The roof-integrated system is compatible with all standard PV modules.