Creaton und Terreal gehen in eine gemeinsame Zukunft

Terreal merger is official

Wertingen – The deal merging the Creaton Group and French company Terreal has been sealed, with the relevant supervisory authorities giving the green light in late December 2020. Together, the two are now Europe's market leaders in the field of clay roof tiles.

A live-streamed kick-off event gave employees from both companies the chance to get to know each other and put their questions to Creaton Managing Director Dr Sebastian Dresse and Terreal CEO Laurent Musy directly. The key message was that day-to-day operations at both Creaton and Terreal will continue as before and the cooperation will not initially have any noticeable impact on the market.

Complementary markets
The merger of Creaton and Terreal is between two industry giants whose European sales markets complement one another perfectly. While Creaton is particularly strong in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe, Terreal is very active in France and Southern Europe. The next few months will be all about identifying synergies and leveraging them to put both companies on an even better footing. The Creaton Group will also be working to finalise its break from the ETEX Group, which is due to be complete by the end of the year.

About Creaton
Creaton is a leading roofing brand in Europe. Acquired by French company Terreal in 2021, it offers a comprehensive range of products for pitched roofs, while also manufacturing and selling clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles and system accessories, as well as photovoltaic systems, throughout Central and Eastern Europe. The company has a long and successful history to look back on: it has been making high-quality products for pitched roofs where it was originally founded in Wertingen near Augsburg, Germany, for over 130 years.

Creaton und Terreal gehen in eine gemeinsame Zukunft

­Creaton Managing Director Dr. Sebastian Dresse (left) and Terreal CEO Laurent Musy (right) are joining forces and leading the two companies into the future – together. (Photo: Creaton GmbH)