Applikation Foto Objektbild KAPSTADT duratop zinkgrau


KAPSTADT is the Linear One among CREATON concrete roof tiles. Its clear formal language determines the appearance of this modern concrete roof tile that permits the creation of impressive, expansive roof areas. KAPSTADT has been honoured with the TREND Award presented by the BAU 2013 trade show and AIT and XIA architectural journals.

Product features

  • Continuously closed lower edge, even in the side interlock area
  • Modern, clear lines up to the hidden side interlock
  • Deep side interlocking with joint open at the top ( requires half offset installation in accordance with ZVDH specifications)
  • Solid support strip at the suspension lug to prevent saturation at the roof batten
  • Triple bottom ribbing reduces the penetration of drifting snow or driving rain
  • Double water traps offer additional protection from capillary rain intrusion