CREATON TRIO comfort extend

The sub-roof membrane with extraordinary properties for roof and facade

Product description

  • TRIO comfort extend is a two-layer, highly UV-resistant, vapour-permeable sub-roof and facade membrane.
  • It consists of a spun-bonded inlay with a functional coating applied to the surface.
  • Can be used in ventilated and unventilated roof assemblies as a trussing, sub-roof or sheathing membrane
  • Can be used as a rain-tight sub-roof (in accordance with the appropriate CREATON manufacturer's specifications) on sheathing or a pressure-resistant underlay.
  • TRIO comfort extend is suitable for a supported or unsupported application and can be placed directly on thermal insulation or wood.
  • TRIO comfort extend ensures a closed thermal insulation system and protects the wall and pitched roof from rain, wind, snow, dust and moisture.
  • TRIO comfort extend is suitable for installation on vertical wall surfaces and as a wind barrier for ventilated facades with open joints up to 50 mm wide comprising up to 40% of the total area.
  • TRIO comfort extend is resistant to chemical impregnation, chain saw oil, wood rot and mould.
  • TRIO comfort extend with two adhesive strips ensures perfect sealing of the membranes.

Installation instructions

  • The membranes must overlap by approx. 15 cm.
  • The membranes must be placed over a drip edge or gutter flashing at the eaves or gutter. Connections and penetrations must be executed in accordance with the ZVDH rules.
  • The overlaps of longitudinal seams are sealed by the integrated self-adhesive strip.
  • The transverse seams are closed with the system-compatible CREATON FKB facade adhesive seam tape or glued with CREATON SKL special adhesive.
  • Light hand pressure in the adhesive produces a secure bond.
  • The facade must be ventilated in accordance with the facade panel manufacturer's specifications. A ventilation gap of at least 20 mm must be provided in front of the membrane.

Technical data according to EN 13895-1

Length 50 m (±0.5 m)
Width 1.5 m (±0.015 m)
Straigthness passed
Surface-related mass 270 g/m²
Fire resistance Class B
Resistance against water penetration W1
Water vapour permeability sd 0,03 m
Tensile strength Lengthwise 310 N
Transverse direction 190 N
Expansion Lengthwise 28%
Transverse direction 33%
resistance against tear propagation Lengthwise 130 N
Transverse direction 140 N
Dimensional accuracy 2%
Cold bending behaviour At -50° C passed
Polypropylene sheet four-coat


Width Length m²/Roll kg/Roll Rolls/Pal.
1.5 m 50 m 75 m² 21 kg 20 pieces