Full ceramic solar penetration tile

Solid clay for a consistent appearance

Practical, simple and beautiful: The CREATON solar penetration tile. It serves as a feed-through for solar lines from the roof to the inside. Penetrations up to 70 mm can be fed through the opening in the solar penetration tile. It is suitable for pipes in a solar thermal system or photovoltaic system cables.


The system is decisive:

In combination with the sub-roof connection adapter, the solar penetration tile forms a perfect closure.

Visually perfect solution:

  • Consistent appearance – solid clay
  • Perfect interlocking, even with the solar penetration tile, because it matches the shape of the field tile perfectly
  • Colours match the field tile

 Thus, the system set guarantees a durable, high-quality roof penetration with maximum protection against rain intrusion. 

  • Perfect visual integration into the roof
  • Appealing and beautiful, in fine ceramic quality
  • Same system properties as the normal tile with the same protection against rain intrusion
  • Reliable connection of the penetration to the sub-roof in accordance with Central Association of the German Roofing Trade (ZVDH) rules
  • Security in planning and execution
  • Ceramics are ageing-resistant and permanently UV-resistant
  • Sits perfectly without complicated resealing
  • Available for penetrations of solar lines and cables

The easy, fast assembly

The solar penetration tile is easily set into the field.